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Five sixty k. SFO that situation out in, Colorado, and, just. Play the meantime baseball. Baseball baseball we talked. About this so here's the problem Baseball's just. Not exciting right now And it's not just us so now you have all these hall of famers. Is over at the Bleacher report they're. Interviewing all, these hall of famers I mean hall of Famer Don Sutton hall of Famer goose. Gossage hall, of famers. In Cooperstown. All okay Steve Carlton Mario Soto Nick pa- Vada all these guys and they're all saying the games. Really tough to watch right now Because of. All the strikeouts so it's interesting we had this conversation last week we're just going through some statistics The ball. Is the ball. Is not put in play roughly. A third of all plate appearances Thirty one percent of all plate appearances ended a strikeout walk or hit batter The two forty eight batting average is the lowest since nineteen seventy two which by the way was the season before the American League instituted the designated hitter rule because they wanted a pet. Thing is up and there were more strikeouts than hits in a month For the first time in major, league history in April and through early August early August major league baseball at accumulated more strikeouts than hits overall so you go to the games you watch the game on TV it's like Okay another strike at okay now the walk it's just so they're thinking okay so you gotta you gotta pep, things up a little, bit so through Saturday here's another stack through Saturday the combined rate. Of strikeouts walks in home runs, across the game was thirty three. Percent boring Orange oh yeah Okay so now onward this, by the, way Steve Moore he's our chief economist economic. Guy on Kosovo he joined us yesterday morning during the, eight o'clock hour and it was it was really, a good. Interview very informative, and quite, frankly you know for, a nerdy guy he. Was, pretty funny I we're going to shamelessly replay that for you in about, seven minutes here I guess just stick. Around for that it was really a great interview and I don't wanna cheat. This early audience you guys can't stick around for eight a, lot of you so we'll get a replay just a few minutes stick around. For, that So this. Is Christopher what's, Katie yeah, this class act three, so this is the. Guy, he he was the guy we we played the audio tape last week, and we're watch this audiotape pick it. Okay wait something's up with this guy this is where he's on his sports. Saying I don't know where am I my wife and kids. Are just terrible we're watching this we're and we're in disbelief we just We didn't believe he was telling the truth. And. Then, it turns out later that. Day he's arrested and he confesses to the, fact that yes, he murdered his? Wife and daughter but you know what. His first his, first defense was his first. Defense was That The first defense was that his wife strangled their daughters and he killed her in revenge So in other words I defense, was no she came back, from she came back from the trip from her. Business trip and she killed her daughters and. I, was so angry. That I killed her that's what his story was in the beginning okay that's was seem Perry apparently that was a story line on, some TV show I don't know one of, those crime shows no. Really was a similar. Story line yeah she's so he's he he was like, revenge she came home she, killed my daughters I killed her so I mean. If you wanna get out of a murder. I. Guess that's probably One alibi But that quickly that quickly. Went south that's, why see that's why initially after he'd, been, arrested his his attorneys want a DNA swabs of the neck, or well I don't know if it's, the, prosecution somebody wanted DNA swabs of the neck of the children Because they, wanted to see who's handprints were on the next day and we also. Talk probably the prosecution and we also talked about how he was charged with tampering with evidence and I had mentioned that maybe. It was because somebody was screwing with our Facebook because all of her stuff kept getting disappearing I think the tampering with evidence was putting the bodies in that oil, thing in, that oil tank because that was. Tampering with the evidence, for them being able to you know. DNA swab and stuff like that so he has the the two girls. Are Bella and Celeste so he said. He observed Bella sprawled out on her bed and blue And his wife. Actively strangling Celeste so that was in the affidavit unsealed yesterday in Colorado And then the affidavit says he. Went into a rage and ultimately strangled Shannon to death That he says he loaded all three. Bodies, onto, the, back seat of his work truck and took them to an oil worksite yeah see, there's there's the part of the story that if the. First part of that was true the second part of that story, wouldn't have gone down so his claim was that it was Shannon who killed his daughters and that's likely the reason that. His court appointed defense attorney asks for DNA swabs to, be taken with the girl's neck so it's his defense attorney who was buying his story And. Wanted to DNA swabs from the next to the girls Now what I'm not clear about is Oh and then here we go After two days of investigation police discovered that this guy Christopher watts was actively involved, in an affair with a. Co-worker something he. Initially, denied something he additionally denied So he was formally charged yesterday with, nine felony counts including unlawfully. Terminating a pregnancy He was also charged with three counts of first degree murder to counter I remember of a child. Under twelve while in a position of trust at three, counts of, tampering with bodies Not they're not sure if they're, going to seek the death penalty at this? Point in time now what I'm not sure about is, maybe, you can help. You out we'll dig into these details. A little bit later. But is he still sticking with that story is that does that remain. His Kurt alibi that no she she killed him she was going to kill the kids I killed her revenge Yeah the latest thing that I'm saying? Is that he had admitted to her that he was, having, an affair she. Found out she killed the kids and. Then he killed her That's, the story that I saw, everywhere this morning the current the current storylines we'll get back into this hero case okay there's gotta traffic check for. A moment and then Steve Moore our interview with Steve Moore chief economist. The guy who has the air of Donald Trump when it comes to all things involving tax next on disputes, that end up in litigation can. Go on and on and on, so, before you spend a, lot of time money and stress where, no guaranteed outcome. Strongly consider mediation with attorney.

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