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Edition of the Liberty beat find us online at liberty beat Dot News Dot News your news now continues continues Israel's electricity company has been approved by the Finance Ministry to collect half a billion shekels or one hundred and forty one million dollars from Palestinian tax x money collected by Israel a Hebrew economic newspaper reported on Sunday the anti media reports that according to the newspaper the marker a specialist in Economic Economic Affairs the Ministry of Finance froze Palestinian tax funds and transferred it directly to the Israeli Electricity Company to pay back debts accumulated by the Palestinian Authority according to the Palestinian government faces a financial crisis following Israel's decision to deduct large amounts of tax revenues as a punitive measure for the allocating allocating funds to detainees and the families of the mortars the latter refused to receive the tax money in response to the Israeli move Israel says it confiscates money equal value to the the salaries are reserved for families a Palestinian prisoners while Palestinians refused to receive the rest of the money right wing activists on Saturday gathered at Freedom Plaza in Washington D._C.. A block from ANTIFA counter demonstration to protest what is bias and Censorship Against Conservatives on digital title platforms as the right wing of took place and people left their protests zone at pershing park and attempted to flank the group. I running through the streets in an indirect route toward the rivals volt police afforded the plant and physically repelled the group but made no arrests news to share reports at two participants who showed up were forced out of the.

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