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Yourself projects this is the fix it show with Mr. fix it. Tom, Faiza on WTMJ Milwaukee continues to. Mourn the death of a police officer Mark secrets checks. In with the Milwaukee police department chaplain to discuss his important role during that difficult time that's tomorrow nine fifty one right here on Wisconsin's weekend morning. News sixty three degrees I today's going to be seventy seven seven seventeen months, Danny Clayton Tom Faiza is here and we heading. To Menominee falls on the fix it show hey Paula Good, morning We have some phony, foundation problems and we've had a couple interviews with companies It's getting a little overwhelming Sorting. Through what each are proposing one wall is just under two inches ones around. One and a half inches the other two are like three eighths of an inch Haina. Hovering. At a half inch okay What we're basically interested in it's a huge investment we don't want to shortchange. Ourselves and not do a good job what we're interested in is your thoughts. And opinions some are talking the one while we do realize happy has to be dug. Out You're talking about the braces Talking about digging out. Partial big outs and waterproofing some aren't talking about. Getting out and doing waterproofing we haven't had interview or estimates yet from another company that does something very different with and you probably know what I'm talking about the they have like police on the outside. And like pulled the, wall so like, I said we're kinda overwhelmed we'd sure like. Your opinion and your thoughts And what you think this topic well I think the best thing to do because we're talking a huge expensive you dig an wall that's ten twelve grand for that wall you're probably. Talking to thirty thousand, twenty thousand dollars, something like that total here in the neighborhood So that's a huge. Expense I would have an independent, person looked at the basement. For a few hundred bucks and then have them, do designed for. You and then get pricing And then you're gonna be assured you'll have an independent opinion on your thirty thousand dollar purchase so someone like Chuck Weber W. e. b. e. r. Chuck Weber or Mike shaded s.. H. a. d. I d They're independent contractors in going to give an independent evaluation. I do that kind of work also from time to time and you're in Menominee falls so you're Klay area there's lots of bad basements Manami falls it's. A real it's a real got a nineteen fifties house and you're salt you're on Manami. Avenue someplace No actually I'm our house, is probably about. Forty five years old okay For north of Menominee avenue? Okay, you, actually did our sexual and we bought our house at. All All video autograph it he didn't but we were very very impressive So something must, have changed since then, but anyway So why would get an independent person will? Look at that like Chuck Weber Mike shaded in it's hard to give it too much advice over the radio waves because I can't see physically what. You got on your talking, to inches, a displacement. You're talking about excavation talking three? Eighths half inch it depends what kind of displacement what kind of cracking you may not have to. Do anything too much with those except the braces there's a variety of things they should be talking. About checking the drain towel system that's. Working properly that would be one of the standards you could, also look on the website for what's called ramp. Which is we had those guys on last weekend it's, it's a basically kind of a. Better. Business Bureau better basement bureau of this area yeah so it's. W. a. f. r., p. r. p. dot com so Wisconsin. Association foundation Repair professionals in you'll actually. Find standards there for basic repairs are the correct way to do you know standards here's what you. Need to do at the wall looks. Like this and it's it it gets a little complicated and, it's a little tough reading but gives you a. Couple of good ideas but have an independent person take, a look at it and it's. Got. The problem it's intended to be complicated but that would be. My vice on it Just repeats initials that organization again sure I don't blame you w. a. f. as in Frank r.. P. a. f. r. p. dot com Mike's last name again shattered s. h. a. d. I. D Okay and they would be in the yellow pages Yeah you may? Have. To Google yellow pages now what are those They may not be. The, Google machine Paul Google machine can help okay that's..

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