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The he is just everything about the cardinals like dark magic that they have in the playoffs there was some takes out there about Kuni saying that he's ruining baseball because his own talking teammates called him out because he he hot dog didn't and and it's hey if there's the time hot dog it's not in the playoffs so that'll be fun game five that would be really fun yeah How about the national back you WanNa talk about the quick because we got Strasbourg on the bump tonight and he I'm very very confident Strasbourg the national an awesome post-season pitchers are you not worried about walking bueller being equally if not more awesome Walker bueller not at all okay it's not taking that a little is not so yes it's the best the best take in the business yes he's got swag so oh by the way did you see the Sherzer has four adopted dogs all with different Color Eyes Yeah I love it picture sugar taste fucking insane it's so good all right let me do this real quick listen football fans are you an Amazon prime member did you know that you have Thursday night football that's right Thursday night football has returned to prime video.

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