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Before he left Austin and headed to bundle Russell brick Ted to take care of Lucent Richard. Breach It was his friend from the University of Texas, who he had gold to help with the programming and coding of silk road in the very beginning. Ross had refused to tell him what the programming cutting was full breach degrade to help and did not ask any questions. But when Ross asked him for more help bridge should refused. He said he wasn't going to help him anymore unless he knew what the project woes. Bros couldn't handle the coding and programming on his own. So we had no choice. He told Richard about silk road. Richard founded interesting and degrade to continue helping cross gave him drugs as payment for services and Rich and also bought trucks on his on from so crowd. But after a wall breach, It started to feed the consequences of Banco And he stopped hoping. Ross new Richard was a loose end, and he paid him a visit before leaving first. Rather, he told Richard about Eric has moved to Austin. The fought that happened with Julia and the post-Erika had written on his Facebook will Richard sphere increased tenfold off the hearing nuts. And he asked Ross to shot silk right down. He told him it wasn't worth going to prison full. But Ross told Rigetti couldn't shut down because it given silk road to someone else. He didn't run it anymore He was lying subscribed Bristow. He's the dismisses out Dear tying up the loose sent pretending he no longer ran the website since everyone's identity on so cried was anonymous. He told rigid. He didn't even know who the new I-in of Waugh's breach had believed him and Ross than might the moved to Estrada. lifting bond though I with you see style. He continued to manage so crowd under the cover of doing online freelance work and die trading sucked paper, went suspicious as to why he was a white Sony's computer. Who is wild living in Australia that he was contacted by user on silk road Bros had people who helped him with a soak ride forums is moderate, and he had new program as he had phantom, the saw it working for him as well. But he still had a lot of problems insecurity bridges, and a took one person to point the. Prosper's contacted by someone who called themselves for Roy, deterrence. He told Ross that he stumbled upon so crowd off the rating, the goal Karate cool. He found it hard to believe the such a web. So it could exist without banks eastbound authorities. So we Matty's why into the sucrose service look a heck of Andy and detect the false sought to make sure it wasn't actually being run by law enforcement through. Variety joins is suspicion was that if the sought hadn't been say's than perhaps it was a treat by the polite. So the day a yet. But when hacking sought, he discovered it was actually genuine. So that led him to contact Ross will suit roads administrator is variety, joins new. When he first introduced himself variety, giant said, There is an anyone who knows me even a little bit. That would have a dream of crossing me If they did dream of it. That would wake up and cold to apologize. Discount Ross's attention. The first met a variety giants wanted to address was the security of silk road Brosseau ready new security was his biggest weakness, and he was more than a good to listen to what? Variety Giants at the site. But before he goes into security variety giants wanted to make sure Ross knew what he was dealing with. He said, Not too bad Dan or or anything, but understand what we're doing falls under US drug kingpin holes which provides a maximum penalty of death upon conviction. The mandatory minimum, he's alive. Ross had done, He signed research and already knew what was at stake. So he's answer to variety giants was bowls to the wall and Dole in my friend. And with that, the two men formed the friendship, even though they had no idea who the other person really was. Garaudy joins gave Russell sorts of advice. Inducted almost walk a mental. He seemed to have far more experience and knowledge in almost everything than Ross. The conversations were recorded in folks and Han lauded in the book American kingpin. Gross asked, variety giants. What am I strengths? John's anted. You play your Qods close. You really to get that. It's gone from and games to a very serious lawful death lost all you've created. Brusque than asked, What am I witness? Giants answered. Your inability to discuss between a goddess night into Cobb ahead and to the gaping holes in your knowledge of security. Ross didn't understand the reference about the snake. So giants explained recognizing something is dangerous when you think it's Hamas. At first Ross and variety giants, talked every few days in every few hours than every few minutes. The Rhody giants was soon making joint decisions with Ross regarding silk road. Andy slowly started to ask about his personal life. In one instance, he asked Ross in real life. Is there anyone with a clue at all that you whoever you are started the silk road, go friend boyfriend Bunny, you to online buddies who you've nine for years? Grandma praised rumour stripper. Brussels reply was, Unfortunately, yes, there are two one personal probably never speak to again And the other Oh, drift away from never making the mistake of telling someone again. Some days after that conversation, variety Giants came up with an answer to Russ of problem. The away seem to know what to say and went to say, cited. He asked Ross. Have you seen the princess broad? The princess broad is a fantasy family-orientated film from 1997 based on a book by William Goldman. Ross said that he had seen it. Variety Jain said. So you know the history of the dread par rub it. The dread pirate Roberts was a character in the princess brought the wasn't one man, but a series of individuals who passed the name and reputation on to a chosen successor once they are wealthy enough to retire. And because of that, no-one, if it knew the original dread poorer Roberts watts. Variety Giants told Ross. You need to change your name for madmen to grid poorer rub it. He said by doing sir, Ross could bank Tangy story that he had given the sought to someone else, And all he knew was that the person he gave it to went by the name tread Bharat Roberts. Ross left the Audy and on February V two thousand twelve so cried I'd been announced that we're going by Nina. Tread poorer rabbits.

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