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The middle tennessee die yesterday the thing that i think i'd yesterday i think so and i'd love to see them in and they're obviously good enough but i don't think they have the resume this loss this early in the tournament combined with their lack of elite wins overall now how many opportunities that they have i understand all of that but you lose to southern miss the way that you did it's just going to be too many losses overall and thought us it's really damaging you lost at home to marshall in paris has been a guy that's always said that martial is is is certainly a team that should be dominating see usa andy lucent under martial you fall to southern miss back to back its i don't think they can overcome it i just don't and i'd love to see a man they've got so many road winds this team has won at murray state at tennessee state at vanderbilt at florida gulf coast at uab fiu at florida atlantic at wester kentucky at old dominion yes i'm still going at charlotte at southern miss at law tech at you way be there's no team that can match that in the entire sport in terms of road victories and i think it will carry them into a conversation but ultimately their lack of top level wins is going to shut him out just not going to happen well i guess i was say nervous um yeah i mean they have won like you said at uh you a b at far gulf coast at tennessee state at louisiana tech at southern miss at florida atlantic at florida international at charlotte here's the thing though when people start citing things like that i mean it's true and so if i'm arguing on behalf of middle tennessee i i i framed the argument however need to friend the argument but.

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