United States, Facebook, Cristina Alexi President Trump discussed on Sean Hannity


Today. Company executives said, look, don't expecting to get any better later on in the year. Add to that the fact that Facebook's chief competitor, Google reported results that beat expectations, and it's just bad all around for Facebook correspondent Cristina Alexi President Trump is expecting the report on gross domestic product due out tomorrow. Show remarkable growth in the US economy could be very close could even happen five point three, somebody said yesterday, one of the geniuses on Wall Street said five point three. Okay. We'll take it anything with a foreign front. Slowly right new worries about cyber hacks that could damage the economy and. Security persist about election cyber intrusions from Russia the. National counterintelligence security center says economic espionage also threatens the nation's security and competitive advantage among other attacks their report. Says Iranian hackers known as rocket. Kitten repeatedly targeted, US, defense companies to try to steal info that would boost Tehran's. Missile and space, programmes Russian hackers last year also, compromised dozens of energy companies and, another Chinese group is a repeat attacker of engineering telecom and aerospace industries I'm Jan Johnson house speaker Paul Ryan says he does not. Support an effort by Republican House conservatives to impeach deputy attorney general rod Rosenstein who oversees the, motor Russia probe, the US is not expected to meet today's court deadline for. The. Reunification of those immigrant kids and their parents On Wall Street the.

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