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<hes> <hes> this past week. He was a guest on e._s._p._n. I take a with the host who are two of the more notorious raider hater even a smith and max kellerman. I'm just gonna play the clip for you here briefly. It's about a minute and a half so just hang in there. I went out there to napa all right. I watch these these young men practice. I watched how john john was interacting with this football team. I watch how the coaching staff paul gunter defensive coordinator was interacting with the football team sat down and talked trent brown sat down and talked to brandon marshall linebacker. They got from the denver broncos. This football team believes in how they're being coached believes in the system that they are being coached within the bullet hold hold on believes in the players that they brought in the mix of players youth and veteran they believe in the leadership that they have on this football team right down the middle of this field meeting this the people out there believing derek carr. These young players believe in their car. Their car believes in jon gruden. That relationship is fine. I've had my questions about that relationship. That relationship is going to be just fine. Fund the open line on this football team. When gave jackson comes back richie incognito serves his suspension is going to be one of the best in the n._f._l. Trent brown okay. Remember remember this when i said this trent brown is maybe the best tackle in football the best football and you know why i i saw the side to one of the best pass rushers in the n._f._l. Told me this. He is the number one most difficult guy to beat se. He's the best on the left side and football. I'm saying he's one of the he's one of the hardest duty playing right tackle for all right but hey this. This is let me put this team. Stays healthy meaning. They lose any vital components football team. The raiders are gonna make a run. The raiders are gonna challenge for wildcard spot. So there's the clip and <hes> you know i i really respect rix opinion and <hes> for him to say that that definitely gotta make you raider fans excited <hes> <hes> i do agree with him <hes> that the raiders offensive line has a chance to be one of the best in the league. <hes> hopefully gabe jackson returns <hes> sooner rather than later but i totally agree. I think you're gonna see a big improvement from colt miller at left tackle. I think do believe that <hes> trent brown is one of the premier right tackles or tackles general in the league and i think incognito is a big upgrade at the left guard position and you know it's going to come down to how oh well the the replacement for <hes> gabe jackson plays and then you know can they hold it out until big gabe returns and of course you know. Rodney hudson is one of the best centers in the league so i really do believe this offensive line could be could be very special. That's all we have for headlines this week. We're gonna keep it real short and sweet <hes> after this quick break. We'll be my interview with anthony gala vs of the fresno when you start losing your hair. There's no magical cure but there is a way to stop hair loss from happening in the first place..

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