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Looks really big on her okay we're gonna go Instagram live bells gonna try that's what you're done during the nationals Tony George is the morning traffic as of right now you're not talking about what's going on today I'm on the northbound side the when a when a parkway Calabasas they're still working on this crash it's blocking the left lane there to try to pull everything up to the right shoulder so freeway service is always going to come in and run a traffic break already seen heavy brake lights coming up on desoto so traffic tip line if your second at eight eight eight five hundred five thousand three west bound side of the one thirty four just pacified they clearly a crash off of the freeway but the drive SO trying to cover from Figueroa and then on the westbound side of the window five freeway did before you get to lobby for right there's a multiple cars involved in this crash look like everything everybody did make it into the center divider and off to the right shoulder but some debris there in the road still see delays at Parramatta legal Boulevard rather that'll save as if they had all the way out towards prairie westbound ninety one doesn't save you much time that flow from Norwalk Boulevard all the way to the winds had it had into Gardena I went head north on as busy as you come out of cars in from about the pulled all the way up to a down the beach Boulevard the traffic but it's fun to buy grocery outlet Gucci outlet is your headquarters for amazing holiday deals this week complete your holiday menu with James how to our country riven bone inspiral have ham just one twenty nine a pound stop by for huge savings on everything you need for the holidays matter traffic I'm Tony Jordan but a four three my at that if you're buying a car this winter the pressure of finding a great deal can take all the spice out of your gingerbread latte with all the list price is dealer prices and.

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