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Lap come to expressways. Shootings reported near Chicago. Overnight Bull set tos, the Clippers and the latest on the Blackhawks coming up in sports and in business. Fizer, hoping to expand its covert vaccination trials, WGN traffic Here's Mary Vandeveld and Traffic is sponsored by plumbers, 911 dot com Eden Still in Good Shape The inbound Kennedy from Oh, here about 38 minutes 26 from the Edens Watch for a stall about it. I won 90 Accident just reported now. Outbound Eisenhower at Austin, about 30 minutes out to Mannheim, 44 to 3 90 inbound, just slow Mannheim in the first Avenue Stevenson starting to clear up a bit. Still, some minor delays into 3, 55 and 83. The inbound side of the Ryan looks good. Orland Park and accident still being cleared 131st and Wolf. And exiting Giulietta Larkin, just south of Jefferson. Plumbers. 911 wants to keep your family healthy. During these unprecedented times, contact plumbers. 91 wanted a 33 plum 911 for information on touchless faucets and toilets. Another way to help safeguard your family from covert 19. Her. Vandeveld, the BG on traffic. Central Illinois State Police are investigating two separate expressways shootings from early this morning. The first happened, Jeff just after midnight on the Bishop Ford north of 115th. And officer found in abandoned car that appeared to have been involved in a crash. A short time later, officers learned that a 19 year old driver reported he was shot at by White sedan and then fled just before 2 A.m., a 28 year old man heading south on the Stevenson says he was shot at by a white SUV. That man was not injured. Two people were killed early this morning when a car plunged off the Stevenson Expressway. WGN's Eric Wrong was at the scene shortly after it happened. The car there, fella about 70 ft. Off. The Stevenson crashed into a light pole on the way down, which knocked out all of the power in this area as well. Two people were killed in the crash tomb or are in critical condition at Stroger Hospital Police saying the car had a snow bank on the side of the Stevenson and flew off the expressway and hit that light pole on its way down. Police have identified those fatally injured a 27 year old man in a 22 year old woman. As of today, 10% of Illinois.

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