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With Charlie hedges as he explores turning the page on his life and yours. Hey Charlie Hey Paul. What's up well? I'M GONNA have to put in some earplugs or eye shades or something for this episode because I don't want to be. I think very susceptible adoptable two suggestions and your guest here is the king making suggestions. Don't give away my guest on just hold on just just warning for those of you that are easily swayed you may want to you know today's going to be a fascinating a fascinating interview. Our guest is Jonathan Fisher a certified hypoth- Hypo Hypo Hypo hypo yet there we go. He's a certified hypnotherapist in L._p.. Trainer and Master Mr Facilitator having worked these fields for more than fifteen years now he is a primary content creator for Mine Fi hypnosis apps with millions of downloads worldwide which <hes> I am jealous of love. <hes> Jonathan likes to say because he convinces he just hypnotizing everybody into Nestle. Jonathan likes to say that he has his doctorate in being doctored and often refers as to what he calls his list. This list is his personal health history. It's also his why about life. Check this out. Jonathan had heart surgery at sixteen months then he's had add Indo card itis a stroke open brain surgery.

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