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You know arne duncan and michelle rhee are democrats in good standing tears unions have become villains blockage lead to the democratic party and a lot of liberals have have bought that line i think what's going on here is that the democratic party is now lergy that the party of the meritocratic professional class and i think at the it again in the certain mentality i don't think they regard teachers as part of the professional class i don't think they've i think they think the teachers don't belong in the professional class because they think they don't work hard enough or their skills arts specialize say don't work in the private sector well yeah and like i do think that there's something like arbor aaron reich has this term that we throw around a lot i don't know if we are actually like translated on the show but professional managerial class uhhuh and the democratic party is the party of the pmc now that is not the same thing has class and in a marxist sense where it's like you're working for wage because that includes a a huge number of people um however like it is a real social designation and it is an amazing indicator of like reactionary antiworker tendencies against people who would otherwise consider themselves at the very least uh you know leftish liberal uhhuh and i mean an a big part of epm see i've i think at least as relates to our attitudes towards teachers is largely in the liberal media class which is doubly funny because they regard what they do as some kind of special skill without over as being a teacher is it yeah right like fair enough if you're up the fucking heart surgeon or whatever yeah okay you've got a pretty special set of skills though took a long time to get but come on being a teachers way more of a special skilled and writing for a fucking newspaper yeah i mean you know how because i'm not doing it because lazy.

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