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Your work and personal world better to live affiliate productive life. Then you've come to the right place. Productivity cast the weekly show about all things productivity here your host. Ray sidney smith and gustavo dowd with francis wade and art gallois wicks welcome back everybody to productivity castle. Weekly show about all things personal productivity. I'm reading smith. Been i'm francis wade and i'm more kilowatts. Welcome gentlemen and welcome to our listeners to this episode of productivity cast. Today we're going to be talking about. What is colloquially known as the eisenhower method or the eisenhower matrix and what i wanted us to do is to cover kind of the origin and the outline of what the eisenhower matrix is so we all have a better understanding of it. Other is a little bit of mythology around the eisenhower matrix and the methodology. Underpinning it. then we're going to talk about our experiences with the eisenhower matrix and how matrices generally Can help us be more productive and then talking a little bit about one and why you should use it where where are the context in which the eisenhower matrix can work and then of course How we can blend it with other methodologies productivity methodologies that we all use in our own productive worlds so let's start out with what the eisenhower matrix or what. The eisenhower method is Is with the fact that in nineteen fifty four former. Us president dwight d eisenhower. Quoting someone else. He was actually quoting dr roscoe miller who was the president of northwestern university until so he was speaking to the second assembly of the world council of churches. It turns out and he was. He is quoted as quoting dr miller as saying quote. I have two kinds of problems. The urgent and the important. The urgent are not important and the important are never and quote. This has come to be known as the eisenhower principle or the eisenhower matrix. Many people have then mythologised that somehow eisenhower had developed this whole entire methodology around it but the reality is is that his importance and urgency Construct was was taken from someone else And while eisenhower himself was a great time management a ziada someone who really paid attention to how he used his time and had many other principles that he abided by He was not the progenitor of any specific methodology..

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