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Go ahead and tweet us at UK sports network post on the Kentucky basketball Facebook page or give us a call. We'll get some of your questions. You're just a second got one more for Calvin fan. So you're an avid reader, and you at times, we'll give you guys books to inspire them or provoked them to think, and you gave them we've given them something to think about. Yeah. I look how many of us do how many of you in this room have done a New Year's resolution. How many of you already screwed it up? There you go. So what's today today as the seventh so six days later, you already screwed it up? So there's a book out it's called life's light life words and in. John Gordon was one of the writers of it. But what it says in talks about is versus giving up something. How 'bout? Picking a word. That you wanna live by for the year. And I talked to the players about it. I said, you know, it's about what your talent is what your strengths are. What your weaknesses are things that you want to improve on things that you want to highlight more things that you want to do. And I had I gave the players some ideas. And then I went through and had each of them pick a word. That they would live by for the next year. And I know each player's word even in practice, I yelled out. You know, one kids word was fight. Then I'm like come on man fight. You know, one kid was determination. Let's go beat determined. Let's go. And so, you know, my word was built, and I told him what my word was billed being help build young.

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