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This is patrick. Prince editor gold mine and welcome back to another episode of the gold mine. Podcasts the goldmine podcast is a proud member of the pantheon group of podcasts. Now you just heard a snippet of hawk win leading into this introduction and that is relevant because we have long time goldmine contributor dave thompson with us and he has a new book out which compiles everything you want to know about the ban honk wind. It's called encyclopaedia hawk india and gold. Mine just ran. An excerpt of the book. In the upcoming february issue subscribers should be getting it soon and select barnes and noble books. A million in record stores should have it at the beginning of the new year. So dave you're on the line how are you. I'm good thank you. how are you so. Please tell us when the book encyclopedia hawk. Wendy will officially be released and where readers can pick it up. Well i it's actually out now if you go to the website and Oh my god forgotten. I'll edit it in yet if you go to the website. Hawk wind encyclopedia dot wordpress dot com. That will be ordering details. That can i pick it up at barnes and noble or is it just this there's got to be two versions of the book. There is a deluxe paperback which weighs about three pounds saw stuffed with photographs and games and puzzles and things expect to find an encyclopedia That is available only online There will be a budget version. Some point in the new year program of spring which will not have the games and puzzles or pictures will be just the taxed and that will be available or whatever the price. Okay so what made you want to compile an write this encyclopedia encyclopedia hawk india. I wonder that sometimes well you were. You were in the mix right. I mean you grew up with these guys danya. You hung out with them. You knew lemme so that's got to be part of it. You already had a. You're already there. Ground zero. they always so about twelve hope with had always been around a lot of my friends like music industry friends. When i was when i was in my teens Pity like lemme make just people who i ran into seemed to get along with. They all had all queens connections which is perfect. Because i had all the records and just over the years i found i was writing about whole clinton probably as much as anyone else Maybe i did. But you know it's academic Had all this whole terrible. I had all these friends and have facebook People as well who had something to do with the band. And i'd also i'd love to do like a completely ridiculous over the top won't stuff whole quick book They always been one of those things that i need another time to do that. And i was always too busy at the beginning of this year. I just finished. I just finished working. We both grew on his autobiography. And i just finished a book about how i feel love is the greatest record ever made donna. Summer and my wife was sent from home for a few weeks because of knocked down cetera et cetera. So my plans are just sitting on the floor watching television playing records loudly. I couldn't really do that because she was working from home. And i felt you don't take oh better find something to do. I know i'll do my whole the book and six months later us seven months later i finally finished it back to work for five months. Well it'd be it's it's almost like a textbook. Say i know nothing about hawk win. And then you give me this encyclopedia and this is my entry point. I can learn everything i need to know about. Hall quinn and the joys of listening to haul quinn I know that i didn't know much about them. But i learned a lot since. I have the book Is this what you were thinking of when also when you were starting at to. Hopefully it's been around for fifty one years in that time. Yeah they've released however many albums. I three hundred albums of all the compilations and live albums. Just so much stuff out. There is always bugged me. That just the thought if i wanted to can't whole quit and lambert. I even stopped as you pick up the obvious albums. Everybody's ever huddle always heard of light in search space and space ritual and warrior on the edge of time delays. You go off to that. And so that was that was part of was always been on my mind. It'd be nice to do so the ultimate discography but then discography is boring to do but they into long they find the a page. But it's beyond that it's just yes so then i guess people are interesting as well and all the people they didn't work with have made their own records. Has anybody ever pulled together. No there's a lot of them. Yeah it's been like fifty people is the band. Over the years they've most of them have had a solo career surrounding even lemme. Even he went onto something else. It was a throwback in Then you meet people who in those bads and they had interesting side projects. As i could go as well i think just started growing. And growing his co. Somebody who was he was the drum tech full. Turn his baz and he said. Did i ever tell you about this band dogs in like oh yeah they would go in and it just grew and grew becoming sort of this old catholic month stuff. I was thinking you how big i thought the book would be but it ended up two hundred and fifty thousand words which is full of after the book with the pages as a six hundred pages and as i said it weighs three pounds. I think it's the heaviest book i've ever written even get in on Some how hawk when fans you know some of the terms they use or inside jokes or which. I love because.

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