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I'm still going to have one of the worst. Quarterbacks in the league at that point is just outside the top twelve quarterback he was the number two pick of the draft. I mean there are a lot of really bad players. Who went number quarterbacks. At number two overall i get that but i mean you know. He was the second best player disposition. Not the sixteenth best. I don't know that that his he has the top six quarterback. Yeah i do absolutely not in your one got definitely not. Is that what you meant. Or overall though i don't i don't i could be wrong. I just don't see that as really a very likely. I know i wouldn't say it's like i wouldn't say it's likely but i think i think he has more chance to be relevant and top twelve then. A monroe saint browner diani brown. Do because i think at that point. They're twelve for sure. But i start to break. You need to start at the top forty wide receivers right but a top twelve. Yeah okay. But i think a top twelve quarterback zack. Wilson is going to have a better chance to be fantasy relevant than amman brown. After your one after. I i just think you need to. You need to go after. If you're in a one quarterback league there are so few difference makers at the position and can those two guys be a difference maker not a neat. Neither of them are going to run. Nearly as much as the other three quarterbacks in this draft and let me just read you. the list of the top. Quarterbacks is ridiculous and it's patrick. Mahomes josh allen cuyler murray justin herber dak prescott lamar jackson russell wilson to shawn watson and then we got trevor lawrence joe burrow and then justin fields. You know i just don't it just seems so hard for those two to crack That spot the the one the one thing. I will say though as that. Historically even one quarterback league's rookie quarterbacks drafted highly increase their value from year. One to year two Even ones that don't necessarily perform while in their rookie year. So there you do. Have that feather in your hat. I just don't see the the the rushing upside from those two to be true difference maker in one quarterback we think an interesting guy and we'll transition to buy lows in just a minute size. This is me make net transition for atom great too. I have noticed. It doesn't seem like any startup right now. And he was like the twenty second quarterback or something taking it does not seem like anybody has any interest in two right now. I don't value wilson or mack jones anywhere close to to agree like and so that's the thing i and i still don't know to is going to be good or not..

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