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On Capitol Hill remember that very very well and I keep on warning that we stay and this is going to get worse but but one counterpoint week which is totally right that the president that criticism is now getting to him but one thing that's been interesting is he's had a couple of rallies where he's talked about this and when you talk to Israelis which again are his court court form be supporters and he talks about analysts wars in bringing troops home and not spending money overseas that should be being spent here that's still a big applause line he gets people chanting bring them home bring them home and so with the present he cares about is basing it secure but evangelicals especially need to care about Republicans on Capitol Hill is he's facing an impeachment but for those core supporters to energize the present there are one hundred percent on board at least with the CliffsNotes patch which is where and it unless wars were bringing our troops home will his base stick with them that is such that it's such an important question as we look not only at Syria but the president's impeachment probing the possible impeachment of him on Capitol Hill and he faces challenges their top diplomats from the trump administration appeared on Capitol Hill this week to testify in the house impeachment pro end up picture began to emerge of president trump's shadow foreign policy run by his personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani first the former National Security Council director in charge of Ukraine policy testified that she and John Bolton were alarmed about rogue efforts to pressure you crane involving Giuliani White House acting chief of staff Mick Mulvaney and the US ambassador to the E. U. Gordon Sunland on Thursday ambassador Sunland a trump donor testified that the president told him to deny that there was any quid pro quo and Michael McKinley who quit last week as an adviser to the secretary of state said he was disturbed by attempts to use foreigners to hurt the president's political opponents Mulvaney appear to contradict the president on Thursday because of the demand for an investigation.

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