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Why wouldn't you look at the idea of dealing off the twenty eighth overall tech to bring Josh Rosen home to Los Angeles and Cipro year or two behind Philip rivers. I think for all of those teams that actually does make some sense because you're looking at it again, you won't be in the position where you're going to be able to drop the next one because you're too good for that. So I if I'm one of those teams, I very seriously look at that at the worst the worst. What would this get will get you as a very very competent backup with starting experience at a cheap rate over the next three years. And the upside is that you have the answer for the next ten to fifteen. Finally, Jay, Glazer you norm. I normally is a guy trust. He put something out there. It's almost all as it's valid, right. And he is said this OB J thing when the giants say were not trading him. He doesn't necessarily buy it owned L Beckham junior to me is not Antonio Brown disruptive. Now, I do have concerns physically he's missed twenty twenty one games over his career that concerns me. Do you believe the giants who are rebuilding regardless of what they want to admit to their fan base. Do you think? Oh, del Beckham could be pulled away for the right picks from New York. Okay. My understanding is the giants aren't going to shop him. But they will listen if other teams call them. Okay. It's exactly what you're talking about. Colonists. Is where they are is a franchise and quietly in the middle of last season. They took a turn at the last for the last two years for most last two years. They've really been chasing two thousand sixteen which you know, they went eleven games that year they get in the playoffs they'd been operating as if they were close when a lot of things went right for them that season ily sign Olivier Vernon engine generous Jenkins and snacks Harrison an ally. Manning has Goodyear. Odell Beckham breaks out lot of things what ripe for them that. They've been chasing that season for two years at the end of the season last year, they made a turn. And you even heard John say, this might not. Be a quick fix. So everything in that organization. Now is about turning things over taking the long view and building it the right way. And the question becomes is Odell Beckham gonna be there for all of that. When you get good again as Odell Beckham still going to be the same player. Do you want? Dell Beckham around the young guys on his Odell Beckham the kind of guy that you want all the younger players looking towards for guidance. All those questions have been asked in the giants organization. And so I think that they are okay with the idea of going forward, though del Beckham. But if another team calls and blows them away, I think they'd be all yours. Great stuff. That's that's a great way to put it. They're not shopping him. But they'll take your call Albert breer Monday morning quarterback have a great weekend. Nice stuff. Thanks, man. Thanks gone. You know who else is lost in this. That's kind of fascinating. You know, you've got Antonio Brown. Odell Beckham, but lost in all of this is we have a running back in Latvian bell who caught eighty passes and carried two hundred fifty times he's a machine. He's a machine he's out there for anybody. That wants him. I'm sorry, but lady and bell can play football. I am. I'm not shocked that people aren't backing it up for Abyan Odell Beckham. I don't tell me running backs don't matter to don't tell me, and let me unveil is not just any running back James white Araki's for New England was a difference maker Todd Gurley. The Rams went from one offense to another without him. I the fact that levian bell. I look for stories every day and levian Bill. I don't see any. I don't get it. There is incredible. And I don't think it's a bad guy at all. I only use a bad guy. I just think the culture and Pittsburgh these players get enabled and empowered. They go a little sideways, but I just think he wants a lot of money. Yeah. But I yeah. That's that's probably the big.

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