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Profitable. The amount of numbers they get there. And I kind of assume in this committee is thinking that I think will still be at the chance. I think they're in for a rude shock. I really do it because I think that was part of it. People would go to as I said, Australian racing is dominated by the flag. You go the races for four or 5 years in the row and not see your jumps race. It's all upstairs you've got this media that I think, which is Easter, by the way, so everyone's in party mode. And you go down and go down for a few days of racing. Have a great time out. You can watch some great maybe not from a quality perspective. You know, we're not talking Cox plates and everes, but you can go down with some wonderful flat racing, some wonderful jumps, race, and now that whole dynamic is going to change. I think it's very sad, but at the same time, I think it's very ominous for jumps racing Australia because Victoria is the only foothold now. And I suppose in the way, if you want to be involved in jumps race, and you're going to go and base yourself in Victoria, and that might build that up a little bit, but I think overall it's awful for the industry out of the jumps racing and I think it might be on the way out. Well, that's so many people who are going to be the jobs as well, which is absolutely no joke. But when ruby Walsh went down in 2015 and won the Australian grand national on is that ballarat race course, and it was on bash boy who seems to be a bit of a legend. He was 12 years old age at the time. And ruby going down there was a big enough story, but for him to actually go and win the race was just another example of his genius. Karen Marta, fantastic job, getting the horse prepped and ready to go and win as well. But that track ballarat is that now still going to be open or is that gone as well? That will be because it's in Victoria. I must have been I'm not really up to speed on the jump scene down there as I've said a few times I'm sort of grew up on the flat, but that's in Victoria. So I'll still have jumps racing there. But they held things like that. The grand steep will at poke bank now I would imagine, that's one of our biggest races. I would imagine that will be absorbed by one of the racetracks in Victoria. But I don't know. I don't know what the player it was. The thing about it is it came from left field. It was nearly no one caught a new about it until it happened. They didn't seem to be any consultation. Leading up to us is one day South Australia decided that they said, you know, you know, I used a government had chats with the committee or something and they decided just to close it overnight. It really was a bit of a shock. So I would imagine the bigger race has now well, I have to be running Victoria. That's the only place to run them. So the fact that they did that so quickly without any warning. Does that give you does that give you pause for concern that something similar could happen to flat racing in one of the jurisdictions? I don't think so, because you've got to understand over here, depending on which side of the fence you sit on, but let's be honest, flats huge jumps huge. We have two year. It's big racing by them. They're massive animals. In Australia, flat racing is huge. Trump's racing isn't and hasn't been for a long time. I mean, James racing has always to be fair being the sort of very much played second fiddle to the flat in Australia. I don't think it could happen to the flat in Australia. I mean, a racetrack or two could close, or suppose unexpectedly, but I don't think he could close down anything as far as that guy. But the other thing is too, you've got to remember half the reason we're fighting the penis of the world and that is we just know if we give him an inch down one a mile. So why are you giving up the bloody inch? Do you know what the main look? It's kind of, well, now that now they don't have to campaign about closing down jumps racing in the majority of Australia because we've done it for them. They've got on the Victoria and stalker. You're the only one who does it. It's got to be a reasonable and you know that. Spin it, they won't say it was an economic or anything like that. That was a bit. Well, all the others are seeing the light they know. It's cruel. What's your problem? That's it. I mean, we know what they do. Look, I actually believe that you should have activists in just about any industry, but sensible ones that are balanced. Because they keep people honest and they keep you aware. But when you get, I'm not trying to, well, I am a surprise. I can't stand the ones like Peter in that. I just think that with our lives. Listen, they won't come in and have a look. Look, I used to work in a big property uncensored Australian. We have what we call brambles out there, which are wild walnut systems. I know you don't really get them here. I think you get a few ponies or something but you don't get wild horses. You've got to appreciate what you do. That some of the properties out there are literally the size of the county. So you go at three four days at the time and the horses you wouldn't take bikes out to a lot of the country you're going through wasn't accessible on the bike. And you'd go out and you'd sleep under the stars of a swag and you'd bring those horses in. You'd bring cattle and whatnot and the amount of times you'd find the horse died on the ground usually from a broken leg because some silly bugger from either here brought over rabbits back whenever because of missing missing England decided they wanted to shoot a few rabbits. So they brought whatever it was in a dozen or 20 in the next year, you know, we've got 300 million of things. So these poor horses put a leg down the hall. They just happened like, I'd be blown on the ground for two or three days time. And we used to have to go for a long. I mean, I don't want to make people feel sick to the listening to this. But you'd have to go along the rifle straight between the eyes and shooting them. That's all you could do. Because you were doing the right thing because this thing was in agony..

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