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Right. Fire state that failed right side. Watts Hilton add he's gotta inside the ten yard line water reception at the sex, whatever Rome dole. We just weren't able to get it done. It's a collective effort. We just. They did a great job. And we just. You know, we just didn't didn't get it done. And like I always say it starts with the guy from the team. And that's me. And we just we weren't able to get it done. That's Bill O'Brien and that play you heard was early in the game. You spend all week long talking about shutting down t y Hilton. What can they do you spend an entire pre-game show talking about it? Asking questions of your guests about getting their educated opinions on it, what can Romeo Cornell. Do you talk about a big game? This is for Romeo Cornell. You talk about the six years body of work, the T Y Hilton has against this team. If you take his fourteen games he's played against the Texans coming into this game. He's putting up mega Tron type numbers it games against the Texans. You take his body of work, and he's essentially had a fourteen game body work against the Texans in which he's a first team all pro and he's already a legit good receiver. But he takes it up. And and he has destroyed them here at energy stadium. Spent always talking about expanding mental energy on it. And then on the first drive of the game. A thirty eight a thirty eight yard shot downfield in the middle of three Texan where he's got McKinney matched up on. That was the worst part of it. It's gonna be a long day. You got to safeties. That are I'm guessing playing too deep coverage governor cover to how do you not have an idea that T t y Hilton is is is running straight down the field. Like, I imagine. Yeah. You got your own responsibilities? But if you see TY Elton running straight down the middle of the field one of those guys, especially dodger. K doing his best to stay with the oil to credit. He wasn't that far off news Rolla. Lumbering like that he was picking them up and put it out. That's that's what TY does. I mean going into this game should have expected the taxes to slow down t y Hilton given the personnel quarterback. Statistically, they kinda did slow him down compared. Catches eighty five yards and all that bad. Right. But. Catches. We're all meaningful. Great. You know, the five catches felt like ten third down. And and the other guy stepped up for the coldest Dontrelle Inman who did not play the last time. The Texas went up against one another. He had a really good game. Eric Bryan, only has that one drop. And that was when that was when Justin Reed essentially knocked him to bleep out in the end zone. So I mean, the other quote receivers stepped up in this one too. And that was my big fear going into this one is that they would somehow the other guys would be the reason that they want this. This felt a lot like the giants game where they just didn't. When when the colts offense was purring they just didn't have any answers to stop those crossing routes, which seemed to be open every play. I think you're right. You don't have the personnel to stop it. That's just what it is. You don't have the. Don't have the guys to stop late the way defense plays. How would set up your running zone? You're letting them run through run through it. And that that's his specialty running and that was going to be hard to stop. And that I mean, you we talk about off-season priorities and you game plan to beat the teams in your division. That's that's what you're looking for in the draft. You you're looking you're looking for a fast cornerback in the draftsman free agency. Because you can't let this guy keep killing you the way that he does. All right. This segment brought to you by freddy's frozen custard and steak burgers experience. Delicious cooked to order food and rich frozen custard at freddy's frozen custard and steak burgers Freddie's is the tastes that brings you back. Let's head back to the phones and get some of you in here. Let's head out to leak city and Mike. Mike welcome in to Texans post game. Mike you there? Then we have Mike. Let's. Mike. Okay. Well, let's let's take it to Missouri city then and go to Blake Blake are you there? Blake. All right. Doc, then should we go down to the next one? Ben. I southwest side. Let's go to death slap. Dust slap. I knew I wanna say. Brad. Did it after that? Gol about that. We're the pass in the field. The past. L game. We're back. Graham, clan was coastlines all waterboy. No. You wear. We loud. Say you. Hey, all my job. And if you don't know about my show is show. Oh, you to this lab sell one? But what I said on the show. Hello bill. Hey, go make. Ben,.

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