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Cole. Kit. So red consigning Josh Johnson. Josh Johnson's have you ever your guy? Who knows the NFL? You know, the, I don't know. Johnson college as well. I mean that much of anything in the last time he threw a pass and the NFL two thousand eleven I think Twitter was three years old. That's how long ago it was since he passed into the iphone. Look, he's old is old is my space is Instagram. At least why in the world, wouldn't you consider con cabinet? They said they said they considered him and considered anybody can say consider him. Yeah. They're just saying they said, they gave it heavy thought and consideration. But why why really like you don't want this guy to back you up? Just you can't handle the fact that he is miles better than so many bad. Like there's so many backup quarterbacks that are being carted out that you feel like it's member the scab year in nineteen four hundred like just like, oh this guy worked at the grocery store is now ahead of Colin cabinet. It makes me so angry. I don't even know. What? To start. I mean, the idea that I mean, you can't. Free expression. Obviously does a history to the there's a reason why he kneeled in the first place reason why he ran it by like other veterans say more respect for me to sit down or to Neil Neil in you know, to prove a point to to raise awareness to violence against black people by cops as as their case comes forward of a guy who it's revealed that he was shot through times in the back when he wasn't or how about the Reuben foster got picked up by the fuck and Redskins. Yeah. So it is worst mastic violence. It's like, hey, by the way, one of the Redskins gonna pick up cream hunt. He's out there guys. He's ready to go. Well, it is that moment where you say to yourself. Oh, we're going to kowtow to this loud corner of our fan base. Who is mad or who is using the flag thing to sort of push their racist agenda it. Well, it's they're not no. Listening to each other. I mean, no one listening to the anthem everybody be whole 'nother thing. I want everyone to be quite guarantee you if you if one of these people who who consider the anthem super sacred got a text or a phone call during the anthem at it or take ninety percent of those people would take years ago. They didn't even televise it years before that they were charging the military to have people stand up in the audience and and. That that patriotic thing where they play patriotic music, and everyone was clapping and sending is supposed to take your hat off and show respect. And you know, your son next you take that was an ad you're doing that for an ad that was paid for by the military to raise recruiting. And it's just I mean, no one's really listening to the right now. Was trying to do to raise awareness about something. Yeah. He was him. He didn't he need tons of mistakes. L where strode shirt, but you're saying he can't play football. It's ridiculous. And did the same thing. Yeah. Who gets it? He gets a Eric Reed. Who gets an Eric who gets like Nelly gets a look before it Nelly who played a football player in a movie gets a look before cabinet Goldie Hawn gets a look before county. The president says can be the president states, do whatever this guy can't do maybe capper Nick needs to have more of a connection to like building a tower in Moscow..

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