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A., seven Phillies six the dodgers smacked four solo shots early a. Win game one of the three games tough loss by really. Really proud of the, way our guys fought tooth and nail battled never felt like. They, were out of it down to a strong opponent with a ferocious lineup and we never felt like we were out, of the game Phil, skipper gave Kappler Michael Franco hit two home runs Reese Hoskins hit number, seventeen and, Oduber Herrera also. Went long for Philly. In the loss meanwhile former Phil chase utley will retire. At the season's end spoke about how special the Philly, fans Are fans here in Philadelphia A lot to me and for the respect to they've showed me in the past three years It's something very, very special, utley was hitless last night at Ford at bats the brave smoked the Marlins. Twelve the one so, Atlanta and the Phillies are now deadlocked. At the top of the, standings the Super Bowl champion Philadelphia Eagles report to training camp tomorrow practice gets going on Thursday former bird Connor. Borrow into signed a two year deal is gonna play linebacker with the New York football giants the US anti doping agency is suspended swimmer Ryan locked. The for a year because. He had an. Intravenous infusion locked e says, he should've, known better I wasn't. Taking anything illegal everything. Was legal you can get at CVS. Walgreens public like you name it you can get it they're just vitamins But there's there are rules and you have to be locked the is a twelve time Olympic medalist that sports..

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