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China is warning the United States in the strongest fashion yet over the risk of war over Taiwan particularly use of the Taiwan straits Let's get to it back to he's got the story in Yeah that's exactly what it is Brian China's defense minister a wave function saying that it is up to the U.S. to improve the bilateral relationship saying they're at a crucial juncture at this point Bloomberg Steven engel reports the defense minister's language is stronger than it has been Now it has been long that Beijing's a surgeon that Taiwan strait is part of China's exclusive economic zone However we're hearing from military sources that it is rarely brought up in military to military talks as a main talking point But increasingly now with the rhetoric ramping up the Taiwan strait is increasingly being called on as a no go zone for the United States by Beijing authorities And that is alarming U.S. defense officials Yeah U.S. has sailed straight for years U.S. seeking support in Asia over the weekend reassuring nations they do not need to join a coalition against China defense secretary Lloyd Austin saying the country should be free to choose free to prosper free to chart their own course He said there is no need to pick sides Australia seems to be taking the same tact defense minister Richard marles and talking with Juliet at the shangri la summit in Singapore says Australia is seeking a path If we engage with energy if we seek to place the interests of the Pacific people first and there are lots of challenges that the countries of the Pacific face in terms of development and Australia is in a unique position to assist If we do all of that we will be the natural partner of choice for the countries of the Pacific but it's not something that we get by right We need to earn it Miles tells Juliet the new government is working very hard in being fully engaged in the Pacific South Korea says it will boost its defense capacity to boost its defenses against North Korea defense minister Lee Jong soup saying that the situation on the Peninsula poses a global threat and he says he wants to work closely with U.S. and Japan U.S. Senate is apparently found a compromise over gun safety at least something that can pass the Senate Democratic senator Richard blumenthal and ABC has heard here on Bloomberg says it can save lives We can build on it We can move forward with other common sense Hopefully bipartisan proposals after this one is passed our focus right now is making sure we have the legislative language and the 60 votes we need to pass it Now the bill includes giving grants to states to implement red flag laws which could potentially allow courts to remove guns from potentially dangerous owners and it could provide for more school safety as well as provision to improve background checks for younger gun buyers look into records of domestic violence abuse convictions and restraining orders It does as of now have the support of ten Republican senators which is needed to get it passed Beijing and Shanghai have resumed mass testing as COVID cases rise planned reopening of schools in the capital just days after the two ended social curves have been put in place for a month now back on Hong Kong cases are rising still as well Latest count day to today more than 800 U.S. House January 6th committee holds a hearing a hearing two is what it is tomorrow in the committee member Adam Schiff on ABC says the focus of this one There are connections between these white nationalist groups and some in Trump's orbit Yeah chef says it'll move from there to the documenting the chance of hang Mike Pence and whether Donald Trump contributed to those thoughts In San Francisco I'm Ed Baxter This is Bloomberg right Brian All right thanks very much Ed 38 minutes past the hour It's time for world sport So let's get to Dan Schwartzman sword but he worried about spending by consumers but for the big football clubs no problem in spending.

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