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So he's gonna I read and so unless he gets doubled in their role in this safety over there. I'm gonna go to rock now if the safety rolls over there, then the second option knows okay now, I'm the guy that's the next best matchup, and he's gonna come to me. If you see the the defense pre snap just kind of shift and kind of move in unison than sometimes zone coverage. And then you've got all these little small slot receivers who are gonna find those underneath holes in the zone defense and everybody kind of knows where the ball's going to go so the precision with which the patriots operate with their pre snap movements. And then how everybody on offense knows exactly where the ball's going to go where the holes are where the match ups are that week that they like the best. And what that or is. What's the first best match up in the second and third and on down the line and the way that they're able to replicate that each play moving their theirselves down the field. Is impressive to watch. And even though I always liked to cheer against the patriots. It is amazing. How consistently they can operate basically by doing the same things? I mean, their their offense is always game plans specific, but for the most part the concepts are the same from week to week there. Just extrordinary at executing them gear. I mean, and that's what makes them special, man. I ever come into this game people were like almond the chiefs the cheese. I just didn't think and this is just me being completely honest. I didn't I thought that the New England Patriots after they played the chiefs early on in the season, and they played them tough. And they won the game teased. Did the patriots did? But I think they knew that the road to the Super Bowl went through Kansas City. And anytime that you can give Bill check that kind of insight in time that organization can think about scout. And get ready for a team and opponent. I'd just knew they would be prepared. And I felt like the Exxon owes is what separated the patriots from from the chiefs where? As the chiefs. I feel better manpower. There are more talented than the patriots. I would take a lot of the chiefs pay players over patriot players. But again, it's the Xs and os. It's the Tom Brady. And I just felt like that was the X factor. Joe tell me this the patriots now going to the Super Bowl, which means these former Browns are now in the running to get a Super Bowl ring. Are you ready? Brian Hoyer, the destroy all Tomahawk favourite at Tomahawk save and forever. My goat. I don't care who you are. That is the greatest quarterback of all when it comes to my book, another former Brown, Danny Sheldon. Oh is on pace to get a Super Bowl win. Joe Jason mccourty was Jason a definite play for Jason. Jason yet, Jason mccourty. Although a short stint is still a Cleveland Brown. None the less. He is on pace to get a Super Bowl win and last but not least Josh Gordon at the patriots win the Super Bowl. Josh Gordon will get a Super Bowl ring. Joe? Give me your thoughts. Is that fact that Josh Gordon a Super Bowl ring? He's not on the team anymore. Right. Absolutely. You have to be able to team. I think it's eight games. If you're on his roster for eight games and his rule. I think that's a rule. That's the rule. I think it's eight games. Entitled to a Super Bowl. That would be very interesting, obviously, he was the talk of the early part of the season there until his latest suspension, and we probably will never see Josh Gordon playing in the NFL again. So if you've got a success before I know we have, but this one just seems so much more file. I mean, how many years is he suspended at this point? He's already been suspended for like years. And now, I feel like it just doubles. Right. It's like a double down every time. He gets to spend it again. So I'm really I'm blown away by that answer that you just gave me because I had no idea that Josh Gordon potentially could be getting a Super Bowl ring..

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