Remembering Playing Golf in a Nuclear Missile Alert

Fore The People


That was the year, that was the year that everybody thought we were going to die because they sent the nuclear missile from North Korea. You remember that? I was unbelievable. So I was staying out in ease Tom Lulu with one of my original backers. And we're saying out there and we get this so I have a leap tea time. It comes in the morning and we're saying another player harkens and his wife and a lot of weights up. There's like is this man like dude nothing like over go downstairs and it's like not not fun downstairs like the 11 cup of coffee like all right one I don't think it's happening because just like what America just shoot to sing down like if we know what's coming like, I don't know I believe in America so much like I think it would just shoot this thing down and be fun. Okay and then we're staying with this. My backer very wealthy individual. He's like, oh, we'll describe a fucking bone. Not gonna leave and it'll be fine. So now we're fine. But then it was like, okay, well, if we're why are we drinking coffee at 8 a.m.? We're really going down. Why don't we grab some bottles of booze and get after the safe lot three hours and really enjoy our time? That's where I was. That's a hell of a deal. It was terrifying. Honestly, we were staying there on site and that was the first time that year that I was on the final group on a Saturday. And I was playing with Brian harman and Zach Johnson later, like 2 o'clock, whatever's late. And I played my ass off the first two days, and then sure enough, the one time I get in the final group, the world's gonna end and there's a new coming. So this nukes coming from North Korea and you remember the sirens that went off in Honolulu. They started. I was part of outside of town. I didn't know anything was happening now, but it really according to the hotels. It was mayhem. So you missed all of the craziness. I was down there, I was down there, they had like a little player breakfast thing in the hotel set up. I was down there just getting some coffee, and then I started hearing this siren. It was that. And then I looked out the window and you know they had the dolphin area, whatever. And then people started running, like sprinting, like old people, old fat people started running spreading in all of them where I was like, what the hell is going on? What the hell's going on? Like, you don't see old sad people running around all the time. And then people started running by me and then somebody said, there's a nuclear missile coming this way. And then the loudspeaker said, you know, emergency emergency, take over ears, nuclear missile, headed this way, and I was like, what the hell?

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