Alex Jones Did Get Some Things Right


Let's talk about Alex. I did have him last week because when you were just talking about it being an op, which I think you've clearly made out the case why it's at least plausible or if not. This is the kind of thing where I feel 5 years ago, if a Charlie Kirk was saying, you know, these were kind of a planned op outside my event, you would be called a conspiracy theorist and read out of polite society. Even in conservative circles, why do you think that that tide has changed so much that you could say this in pretty much no conservatives you're going to question your accusation? Yeah, look, I think the facts have shown us the last couple of years. I mean, I think Alex is wildly entertaining, by the way. I disagree with him on a lot of stuff. His style, I think the sandy hook thing was super questionable if I ever talked to him. I'd love to ask him about it. But he's been right about a lot and we're not allowed to say that out loud, by the way, that Alex Jones was right about a lot. And whether it be a lot of this globalism stuff, the open border stuff, and he obviously has a very unique style. I guess you could say. But there is something to be said though that what once was deemed to be a conspiracy theory is now deemed to be a mainstream accepted fact. And whether it be Russian collusion, I mean, the one I use the most, right? And Alex to his credit was on this, let's just say, comically and as entertaining as possible, was the Epstein island thing. Yeah. And I remember very clearly bringing up Epstein island in a conversation in Palm Beach in 2014 and being told by people that's a conspiracy theory. When literally three streets away, three streets away was Jeffrey Epstein's home doing the exact thing that I heard a rumor about. And they're like, oh, that's a conspiracy theory. It's not true. Well, we now know it's true we just don't know to what extent it's true. We probably do, but there's some gaps to be filled in that there was an island that was probably intelligence operation where underage girls were flown on private jets with world leaders from many different continents and governments to probably accumulate blackmail. That's a very big deal.

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