How the KGB Recruited Former Agent Jack Philip Barsky


The KGB approaches you. Yeah. What were you doing when you were 23 or 24? I was studying. In my third year of a 5 year program to get a message in chemistry. So that made you a good candidate for potential international espionage. Not necessarily. I mean, there's a couple of interviews out there that were given by the two heads of the first directorate, which was espionage, and what they said, what they were looking for in candidates were like a whole bunch of character traits. Sure, you had to be smart. You had to make quick decisions. You had to be able to be by yourself a lot. You had to be able to you had to be honest, so to become a really good liar. And my favorite trait that they mentioned is a well controlled. Controlled disposition or controlled I'm sorry. Anyway, the last word is adventure. This position towards adventure or something like that. Okay. So then you pass the you pass the test and they deploy you into the United States. Is that right? Yeah, but that test, you know, at first I had an unofficial relationship with a handler when I studied and I was already employed by the by the university as an assistant professor when they actually made me the offer. So it was a year and a half of really checking me out. Yes. Because this is a tough job.

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