'Big Trouble Ahead' Author Allen Jackson and Eric Discuss the Madness


Talking to my friend pastor Allen Jackson of world outreach church in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, where I've had the privilege to be many times. I know I'll be there in mid September. He has a new book out brand new called big trouble ahead, a real plan for flourishing in a time of fear and deception. I think the madness that we're experiencing. And there's no other word for it. I mean, it's absolute madness in every direction, it is a spiritual battle, it is a satanic war on truth and we're seeing it in every way. But the good news is the lord is allowing it to wake up a holy remnant. And to not just wake up a holy remnant, but to find people who didn't have faith who now see things are so crazy, there has to be an answer. Is there a God? Where do I turn? And they're seeing Christians like you, call things as they are. And they're saying, that's right. I wouldn't have I wouldn't have said so before, but I see it now. The craziness makes me want to know, is there a standard of truth? And ultimately, that's the answer and in your book, big trouble ahead, you talk about that. Well, it seems to me that evil will always overplay its hand. You can observe that in nature a disease process will destroy its host. An evil will destroy what it touches. And we're watching that. It's come to the point of the absurd. And in that, there's an opportunity to stand up and then to begin to align ourselves with the truth. How did we arrive at a place where we're unwilling and public to define what a woman is, when we're electing people to some of the most are selecting people for some of the most powerful offices in the land. We didn't get there in a week or a month. I think we got there by winking at immorality long ago. We said fornication really wasn't a problem. And we took all sorts of we took down the sexual boundaries that God gave us.

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