White House Begged El Paso Not to Declare Illegal Alien Emergency


Three of the 8 El Paso city council members have already asked leisure to make an emergency declaration. This week, the Biden administration, which has faced enormous political pressure over their two year crisis, announced a combined border operation with Mexico. That operation involves increased checkpoints and more resources to handle the migrant surge. El Paso has launched a new migrant data data dashboard to give a glimpse into the extraordinary numbers the border city is seeing as part of the ongoing migrant crisis racking the southwest border. And they go on from there. But according to the data, I just want you to hear these numbers and you think about this. You people are Gainesville, Georgia, you people, and bartlesville, Oklahoma. You good people in Portland, Maine. I want you to hear this. According to the data. The numbers went from less than 1700 releases per week into the city. That was during the summer, to over 60 800 just last week. The numbers of illegals and border patrol custody has also jumped from fewer than 3000 to over 4500. And here's the money, here's the money nugget. The data shows there are more than 1000 illegals being released into the community every day. Every day. And the city is providing more than 900 meals a day to Hungary illegals. And again, Fox News calls the migrants. They're not migrants Fox News. They're illegal aliens. But I know they're not allowed to say that over at Fox News anymore apparently. So what's going on here? It's very clear to me that Biden administration is putting optics ahead of public safety. We're dealing with some very bad criminals. We're dealing with murderers with robbers, thieves, rapists, you name it, coming across that border.

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