How Did 'Dutch Sheets' Get His Name?


As my guest for the full hour, someone I only met very recently, but with whom I've been familiar for quite some time, his name is Dutch sheets and my first question Dutch sheets is how do you get a name like Dutch sheets? You know, I get asked all the time. Is this a business? I got the thing. I got the name from my dad who nicknamed me that soon I was three days old. Is that true? Stuck. Why? It's true. And it's stuck, the only explanation I've ever had was that I looked like a little Dutchman and I couldn't begin to tell you what the looks like. It looks. You don't have time for that. But so what was it? What was your given name? William. William, all right. But I don't know, maybe was your dad a fan of Ronald Reagan, who was called Dutch? No, you know, I don't have any explanation. My mom tried to stick with Bill or William till I was 6 years old and she finally gave up. I've been Dutch ever since. After 9 11, I changed it as a part to a part of my legal name because I kept getting in trouble at airports because I'd signed Dutch sheets or show them something and, oh, your passport says, William, you know, anyway.

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