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After further review leaded interception in the end zone, followed by the fumble into the field of play, So my real momentum does not apply, however, defense recovered the ball. The one yard line with me down at the one ball be placed at the one yard line. Cincinnati Ball first down. Cincinnati in the end, will have the football at the one yard line, and they have 99 yards to march. And now they've got, I think the first and two most critical plays in this game so far in their favor. Special teams punt that went four yards, setting them up in enemy territory. And then a Georgia drive down in the red zone that now nets the no points and Cincinnati just needs to flip field position here. If nothing else coming out, it's so difficult to now taking care of the exchange, but no doubt a huge mo mentum swing coming off their defense with another interception on this season. So the real test now for Desmond Ritter, the 64 junior From Louisville, Kentucky. Get the football here for the bear Cats. Like Damn Rock, the offensive coordinator for Cincinnati. It's an offense that has shown plenty of punch this year. The bear cats getting almost 39 points per game four times They have scored. At least 40 so they can hang up a bunch of touchdowns on you. We've seen them get after it. This is a group that again extremely athletic As we look at what comes into this match up, and we've already seen they're big time Playmaker is showing up. Alec Pierce. Certainly down the field. Michael Young, the Notre Dame transfer with a couple of big time. Acrobatic catches in the middle of the field as well. They're in rhythm right now. So the Georgia defense has to find a way to get Desmond Ritter off spot better than they have. Would watch the reviews several times. Any dispute as far as you're concerned, you think they got it right? I think they got it right on the ball placement. I still don't know if Kobe Bryant had possession long enough for that to be considered an interception, but Their cats now operating at their own half yard line. First down and 10 closely bunched on the line, a quarterback Ritter under center 3 29 to go here in the first quarter. He's just going to take the snapping dive ahead. As if you were looking for just a one yard gain Its Much what he gets their diving straight forward. That'll bring up second down for Cincinnati. Working at their own three. Our line that formation looked like the victory kneel, too tight ends around the quarterback and in a post Bush bush era way, see those tight ends just shoving their quarterback for word to get out of the shadow of their own end zone. He did pick up to second down eight. Cincinnati again and all red with the black helmets moving left to right. Snap back to the quarterback in the end, so he's going to roll a bit to his right is going to throw incomplete to the near side line intended for La Belle, his tight end, but under throne and just smart by Desmond Ritter feeling pressure getting the ball out before anything, Harry happens. No holdings in the end zone. Don't give them a chance for a sack or a bad play..

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