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Take time on the beach, get a tan, blah, blah, blah. I have experienced that evergreens still takes some focus every single week. I'm dabbling a little bit in my evergreen funnels where it happens for me, the most would be in my that's Amy Porterfield our special guests today who's coming on to talk about evergreen funnels. If you don't know what a funnel is, a funnel is how you take somebody from when they first find you to the next step to the next step to eventually a purchase decision of some kind. Hopefully a customer is what they become a evergreen sales funnels. One that happens automatically set things up ahead of time so that that progression happens automatically. What Amy saying there is that wall. It's not as oughta Matic as some may make it out to be. So we're gonna get deep into whatever green is Adam make it work. How Amy's been doing with. Some of the pluses and minuses the pros and cons of it in which you can do, whether you already have a business or not. This is a great way to start thinking. It's like, I remember when I read the four hour workweek by Tim Ferriss like I didn't even have a business yet back in two thousand eight, but it was inspiring because it showed me the right way to go about it. And then when I finally built my business, I had built it in a way such that it was mostly automated based on what I learned from Tim. Now we're talking about not just sales funnels, but evergreen sales funnels. And even if you don't have a business will be very helpful. All you have to do two things. Number one hits subscribe. If you haven't already number to put that phone that pocket because this is going to be a good one. Amy Porterfield with us hit that music. Welcome to the smart passive income podcast where it's all about working hard now. So you can sit back and read the benefits later. And now your host. He believes in Jomo the joy of missing out Pat Flynn. What's up. Welcome everybody. Thank you so much for joining me in session three hundred and thirty five of the smart passive income podcast, very thankful to have one of my best friends here in the online space who is also with me in San Diego's. Well, we get coffee every once in a while. I really wanted her to come back on the show to talk about this because I noticed that Amy had switched from a lot of live launches, which is where you kind of have to work to have a launch period between a certain amount of time. And it takes a lot of effort and work, which is what I'm doing right now. Mostly although we are starting to experiment with evergreen. I don't know much about it yet and what do I do when I don't know much about something I talked to as many experts who have done that thing before, and that's exactly why we have these experts like Amy here on the show to not just share with me, but share with you all the things we need to know before we dive in and go full force with it. So without further ado, let's bring on Amy Porterfield from Amy Porterfield dot com. And the online marketing made easy podcast. Here she is Amy, welcome back to the SPA podcast..

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