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Be with the annoying Hobo. Weekdays ten to one the Joyce Kaufmann. Michelle. CBS news chief meteorologist Aaron Christian center. Monday starts off on a warm dealt with temps in the mid to upper sixties who will warm to almost eighty by Monday afternoon with a thirty percent chance for rain, partly sunny skies and win from the southeast at ten to fifteen miles per hour. Did you see the Grammy's tonight? Of course, I'm on the air with you. And I see him but drudge report is a big listing here Michelle oh, twenty twenty TS Grammy audience meltdown is Michelle Obama shows up people melted. Her presence to me the hero. Worshipping is disgusting. Can you name one positive thing that the Obamas did for the American people during their eight years in office, practically every second borders been overturned from foreign policy America's back on top. Instead of being the butt of jokes around the world Obamacare's been obliterated wiped out and there's nothing. No accomplishment whatsoever. It was all smoke and mirrors. No substance. Can't think of anything Obama did for the country. He promised one thing delivered something completely different. But you know, personally, Trump is extremely unpopular especially with white females. But dammit, his policies work everywhere. I look just on the abortion issue. I don't understand fifteen percent of the American people believe in abortion from the day conception of birth. Eighty five percent of us say wait a minute. At some point. It's gotta stop off as a practice practicing, Roman Catholic. I think it stops at the moment of conception. That's one of the is soul is implemented and your unique expression of God's love certainly within six or seven weeks when there's a heartbeat. A human heart is beating there's brainwave activities. The developing child can feel pain at that point, obviously that that is human life by any definition. But to say that as a mother is delivering a child child can be killed. Make the Luma to and to have the media act is if the Republicans are extremists, and that's something Michelle Obama believes in partial birth abortion. It's unbelievable. And maybe I'm not much of a conspiratorial kind of guy. But Ralph north of the governor of Virginia. Was so cruel in cannibalistic and false, and murderous and homicidal talking about killing a baby after birth that this scandal may be was created an order take away vision, focus from things the Democrats is a party truly believe that a woman has the right to choose to murder her baby at any point. How's that not extreme? Let's continue with your calls. Let's go to Jim in the great state of Texas, Jim in Texas. Welcome to the Bill Cunningham show. Jim, how are you? Hey, Willie the most persecuted people on the planet rolling Catholic white men in America. How about this? Recent signature of the Holy Father with the the grand movie of somewhere talking about. Unification of religious all that World War One world order stuff, you know, this and that. Now, I'm sure you're familiar with a wonderful. You've by the name of cardinal Burke, who's the former archbishop of Saint Louis who has who had the guts along with two other card goals from Italy. I think question pope Francis about his views with the same sex marriage stuff about a year year and a half ago. Now, you're an thirty. I don't know if you're a canon lawyer now as an attorney when you put your name to something that is kinda permanent. Isn't it? Supposedly. Yeah. Now, if he signed his name to something that's radical guess what he's not pope anymore. By his own hand. Because as you well know, all of US Catholic. No, nobody can judge the Holy Father except right? But if he puts himself in heresy, he's excommunicated himself head. He's no longer pulp. So I'm waiting to see if cardinal Burke will have any comments on this. And you know, what else I'm waiting to see? Covington coming out and saying something against the Virginia governor or something against against Catholics attacking us instead of him attacking his don't walk Michigan. Bishop voice in Covington acted in a clownish fashioned by attacking Nick, Sandman and the boys of Catholic high school. I'm a I'm I was born in Covington Catholic and the way the the Bishop of two or three bishops in Kentucky, including stove in Lexington. And the way other cardinals attacked the Catholic faith itself and attack. Nick Sandman is disgusting. The pope is a left winger. I don't know how we went from Ratzinger the pope Francis. And then stop anywhere in between. There's another cardinal whose name alludes me about a week ago. It was extremely harsh in his judgments of the pope to me, whether homosexuality oughta be a crime, it is certainly a sin as defined by practically every religion on the face of the earth, including the holy bible. And how this pope can say who am I to judge? Well, he's not judging Christ himself did that. And so I- great concerned about pope Francis. But like presidents they come and go, and there will be another one. The path. And I'll just say there are outstanding Tordjman in our faith outstanding outstanding cardinals in our fate. And it's just so sad that we we end up with people like Alexander the sick. And their goal Galil. Gosh, it would be nice to have a devout Roman Catholic sitting in a chair. Peter willey. I agree with you, Jim. We gotta go. Thanks for your call. Let's go to Nevada David Nevada. Welcome to the Bill Cunningham show. Dave, go ahead. How are you doing this evening? My brother, I'm keeping a low profile trying to defend the American way of life. I know you were serving. So I'm right there with you in the foxhole brother, listen, you know, I do some research. You know, Elizabeth Warren just announced he's going to run for president. You've heard today. I watched some of it yesterday. Yeah. And my research says that she gave her vote to while funding three on three separate occasions. If you take a costume Cortes, you take Elizabeth Warren Nancy Pelosi, we're in deep trouble. And let's face. It. Nancy Pelosi tonight was wined dined and pocket-lined at the Grammy's. And I think all Trump did was stop our March towards socialism, hopefully, those be stopped permanently. But I doubt it, and too many young people grow up in a public education system that the dot dot defending American values and the American dream the American way. Life those things are taught anymore. So kids come out of college of like worrying, red shirts of the communist of the progressives of the liberals, and they think differently than you. And I think and it takes a while. If you don't have democrat by the time, you're twenty five you got no heart not a Republican by the time to thirty five. You got no head hopefully, their experiences teach them that this left-wing approach you see in Venezuela, and Cuba doesn't work. Hopefully that's the goal. Why why is why are the Democrats so concerned about illegal McCain and the little kids, but they don't care about our own little kids killing after birth? After birth abortion. Issues foster care system. I I read in the Wall Street Journal, we have at least two hundred fifty thousand American children that need need a foster parent. Two hundred fifty thousand American kids do not have foster parents, we're bringing in something the range the thirty to forty thousand every month illegal alien kids, where do they go. Do they live in stasis to they live? We don't have. We don't have an orphanage system anymore. We don't have foster care parents available. Where are they? And what are they doing? And the fact is there's no explanation for any Willie here. Tahoe. In the last week. Illegal immigrants from El Salvador was in the country illegally, broken homes and killed four people. Neighbors with your I got Megan Barth coming on on NASCAR about that. In about an hour. Keep up the good work. My man, I keep praying for you. God bless America. Let's continue now with Tim and Kentucky, Tim Kentucky. Welcome to the Bill Cunningham show. Tim, go ahead. Hey, I like, I there's so much dividing this torture right now. Yep. Career nine agree. It's as bad as since the nineteen sixty eight and it's because you have a political party in power, and at least one house of the congress completely omitted. Never settle anything. Tim that there's never a sense. Let's solve a problem. It's exacerbate the problem. But right now, there's a resolution on the table solve illegal alien migration. It's five to six billion for the wall. It's doing things on temporary workers, but the Democratic Party won't agree to anything. They will not give Trump victory. They won't give us victory. You know, there's gotta be a hero, man. There's gotta be a hero in somewhere. I see a world work yet. I I worked for Kellogg severance Cincinnati. Yes. Such good people there work with that. You know, like me they're black. And there's a lot of good people there. What's divined and so much hatred timber? Did you see the division in your personal life? Or do you read about it? And hear about it in the media. I feel and not see it. Goes in my life. I've a lot of black buddies. I have Jewish buddies. I I've practiced law for a long time and a Jewish law firm. There's no division among us at all. And I read about it. I see it. But in real life were we're in good shape. But the media is in the business of separating male from female black from white union management illegal immigrants from legal immigrants. The media is in in the business of division and hate, and they keep perpetrating perpetrating this upon his every day, and it's having met measurable effects in how we've yourselves now because of the media. I mean, I'm just here to speak, and I want to say this because I needed that your message Carey strong. What a lot of people. And I I don't like it. I don't like it. Don't you can't watch CNN every hour of every day without thinking, America's in total collapse. If any state of the union address was so good on. I think it was Tuesday night. I think seventy six percent of CBS viewers, those remain liberals CBS said, it was a great state of you. We'd like with the president had to say, but within a day or two you had Adam shiftless of California Nelson starting us investigation of every aspect to Trump's life. And so there's no sense in the media. The things are good relations are great at some our moving forward is one people there in the business of hate and division. And that's what they do every day, and they keep pumping that CBS NBC ABC New York Times Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, they're in the business of dividing us. They're not in the business of bringing us back together. And that's going to have real impacts, the real, you know, the president says it Tim the enemy of the American people is the mainstream media because all they talk about his hate division separation anger, if they can find a cop video Cam or the cop does something wrong. It goes on Front Street if you can find a racist act somewhere. In Utah or somewhere in Ohio Kentucky, you're Michigan. It's a major national story is if that's how we live our lives gamut. It's not how we live our lives. It's much better than that. Not. And I just want to tell you. I really I really put a lot of. Don't what you say. Not. I really believe in what you say. And. I just I I don't like this. How the sculpture is. Right, tim. I don't know what's going to change the media. Can you imagine what the meat he's going to do next year? If Trump gets reelected. Imagine. I've kept all these haters out there and not worked with us. And I told me, you know, what four more years, and I think he's likely to win. I think Trump had a great week. I think the Democrats look silly pitiful and small, and I think Trump if Trump would tweet last it'd be more popular, but nonetheless, I think Trump's gonna win next year. I don't see a democrat beating him. And so if that happens the media may be being complete meltdown, Tim, we gotta go. Thanks for your call. About twenty minutes or so we're going to have Kevin Jackson, the black sphere talk about what's going on in Virginia and more later on his.

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