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You're listening to Rush's week in review like yesterday. I was well, I don't complain and I don't mind but I guess some could've interpreted that way. I was lamenting. Gonna watch these democrat debates this week. Are really, really it. But now that my mind change because the drive by media today is overwhelmed story after story after story supposedly, big wig, Democrats, worried as naked being over these debates coming up because they fear that it's going to end up being a circular firing squad. That all these democratic candidates are gonna do nothing but attack each other rather than Donald Trump one eight crock. Of course that's was going to be. It's always that when you have a crowded field in a presidential primary doesn't matter what party. It doesn't matter how many hundreds of years, you go back the of median opponents are the people you have to take out. There's nothing new about this. I get to thinking about media cycles and how repetitive they are from generation to generation not just year to year and how much of it is really cut copy. And paste, there's nothing new. There's nothing revolutionary about a large field of candidates going after each other. But if you turn to the drive by media today, you would think it's a I and at the democrat party's in panic about know how to deal with that may be true, but the idea that this is something that hasn't happened before is just complete b. So we'll get to that in due course. But I want to kick off by the white, greetings, great to have you here. Eight hundred two eight two two eight eight two. If you wanna be on the Rush Limbaugh program. It was in the third hour yesterday. During the segment of the program taking phone calls a very disturbed irate caller named Vicky. Had been on hold for nearly the entire program. When I connected with her. She said, I'm about to melt down. I've been waiting all day for you to mention this in you haven't mentioned that yet and I don't know what to do. She was talking about Trump cancelling the ice raids to deport all of the legal immigrants that could be found I spoke with her about it. I talked her off the ledge I calmed her down. I gave her theory am I had, I told her that you're right? I didn't mean to get into this in the first hour I got sidetracked, though with a. Recounting of the story that reminded me of something I'd seen HBO the night before, and I never got back to this story. So I thank you for calling me. She was very, very alarmed at Trump caved, and it led to a quite spirited discussion that contain two things on my part. One, I expressed a little shock and a moderate amount of anger over the fact that these rates were even announced. Why announce them now Trump had tweeted about them. I think on the Friday before but he had not specified win. Just said they were going to happen. Then a leak hit in both the Washington Post the Washington Times of these specific timing for the raids, which required them to be called off. Now there, there was a story that at the end of the program, just after the program is over story ran at townhall column by Matt Vespas, and it explores the possibility that the acting director of homeland security may have leaked be raids himself. A Trump cabinet official may have leaked the raid information. In order to torpedo the rain, so estimate himself. Look good with the Washington establishment and media. It's not confirmed. It's merely mentioned as a pop the possibility it was the operation that reportedly cost kearse Jin Nielsen her job. She was reluctant to go through with the raids. So Trump grabbed got rid of her part of the massive overhaul. The department of homeland security that occurred in April. To put it simply we're going to have a large scale raid on the legals by is it's not cruel. It's not immoral. It's the right thing to do. It's the law for crying out loud. You cannot come here illegally, no matter how sad, your sob story is. And now we have a new sheriff in town, Donald Trump. It's time for these people ago, the president tweeted about the plan raids last week, but they repose ponied why. Well, Mr. Vespas says that from sources at homeland security, the acting director, Kevin Michael Leinen, leaked the plan in order to torpedo, the raid now Trump did mention them, but the Washington Post got their hands on some key information, reportedly, no one, but a select few people knew according to an jer tally of the Washington Examiner. In fact, these five sources that spoke with her. Accused Macalinsan leaking the plan to the media in an -ticipant of the blowback that could follow. Meaning this guy didn't want the grief. He didn't want the media grief. He didn't want the Trump treatment. So he leaked this detoro Pedo it so that he wouldn't get any personal media grief. Here is the story from the Washington Examiner. The pull quote in a move. He said, was to placate Democrats, President Trump announced on Saturday that the they should wide immigration enforcement. Operation plan to start Sunday was called off to give lawmakers two weeks to work on the plant of more on that and just second because that's the real key here. I just want to cover this possibility. However, all five officials knew about the raid spoke with the Washington Examiner, confirmed MAC, and Lena, the acting directors decision to go. Rogue. And stymie the operation was, what prompted the White House to call it off there. We're going to be raised in ten cities. Major blue Democrats cities, Los Angeles Miami, Houston, not so blow, but look out the Washington Post first reported that on Friday. The, the news is that, that Mr. Macalinsan leaked it so that he could be the martyr in the face of anticipated. Blowback in the future. Third official claimed that Macken Leinen cares more about what liberals and never Trumpers, in congress. And the media think of him. Than achieving the express mission of his department. This is not confirmed. Source to people unnamed the reported in the Washington Examiner but it doesn't surprise. I mean, there's so much sabotage has been so much sabotage unreasonable amount. The Trump administration and the fact that the rates are going to happen, and we all know what happened to Nielsen, the guy that replaced, her can remember what happened to her, and he may not want the blowback. I don't wanna look bad to the media. I know look bad never-trumpers. They wants to curry their favor. So he sabotage Trump. That's the story now the second part of this. When I was talking to the caller yesterday. She was livid that these rates have been called off. We didn't know yesterday about the possibility that the rains had actually been linked by the director of homeland security in order to stab Otagao them that was unknown. What I told her was just played about the play divide. Grab sound bite number one. This is what I said to the caller in attempt to explain to her. What might be a reason for this giving them two weeks knowing they're not gonna help so that when he doesn't he can say he got no help. They didn't want to join didn't wanna cooperate. They've done nothing but try to stop this. It's positioning them on the completely opposite side of the issue from him as we head into the democrat debates at twenty twenty campaign. That's my guess is to what this is. I don't wanna think it's anything else. I know where you're coming from. This is Donald Trump. He campaigned on care what these people, he's going to deport. These people are going to fix the wall. He's gonna fix the border build the wall stuff. He's not gonna care. In fact, he was elected to not listen, people he was elected to go over their heads. If he had his why he was made president, you wanna see that kind of action. I totally understand that. And. Agree with you after give it time a little bit more. So let's now take what we know is a possibility and plug it into all this the rains were going to happen. They were scheduled to goal and then a rogue leak from somewhere. Let's just say homeland security, the media alerts everybody. And so they have to be canceled. That's one possibility. The other possibility is that we do know that Pelosi called Trump and said, you can't do this. You're scaring the children. You're scaring the children. You can't do this. Trump said, okay. He went onto the Democrats don't want to do something to give them two weeks. This is the real key to it now. I told her that what this was was more than likely an attempt. To give the Democrats chance we're in the midst of a campaign season. Give the Democrats chance to come on board and work together to fix the problem that they are calling out all of this time, Democrats refused to acknowledge there's a crisis at the border. Then all of a sudden, when they get the pictures of squalid conditions in a couple of places they all of a sudden start talking about the crisis, at the border, demanding that something be done about it. And now they're refusing to participate, and I told the caller that I think one of the word of midst of the twenty twenty reelection campaign, and this is opportunity for Trump to demonstrate while the eyes of everybody in America are on this issue. It is an opportunity for Trump to demonstrate the one and all the Democrats don't care. The Democrats are not interested in border security. The Democrats are not interested in solving the crisis at any way shape manner reform. He's going to get in two weeks to come on board Pelosi's out there, so we're going to have a Bill, we're gonna have a Bill today Pelosi's in big trouble audio sound bite number two. We have a montage. This is amazing. I nailed it yesterday. The Democrats are holding up the funding of humanitarian aid at the border, and the drive by media is blaming them.

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