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The third. All right, appreciate it, Dave nationals also announced they've placed starting pitcher Jackson tatro on the 15 day injured list with a shoulder issue. That's recalling reliever Jordan weems in a corresponding move. Wimbledon, the top American Taylor Fritz, he is on the verge of reaching the quarterfinals for the first time in his career he is obtuse sets to love and leading 5 four in the third in his fourth round match should Fritz hold on. He would likely face ramp on the Dow in the quarterfinals elsewhere in the fourth round Nick kyrgios leading Brandon at kashima 5 two in the 5th set of their fourth round match. Ben raby WTO sports. And now the top stories were following on WTO, leave yourself lots of time to catch the fireworks on the national mall tonight, metro rail capacity will be lower than it typically is for July 4th. You might also have a longer wait time to catch the train back home. You might want to avoid the Smithsonian station as well, which usually experiences the worst crowding on the 4th of July. A black driver was unarmed when Akron police chased him on foot and killed him in a hail of gunfire last week. But police officers believe the man had shot at them earlier from a vehicle and feared he was preparing to fire again. Akron, Ohio police have released body camera video of the shooting of 25 year old jaylin walker. He was killed in a pursuit that started with an attempted traffic stop. Stay with WTO more on these stories in just minutes. Thunderstorms have hampered the search in Italy for more than a dozen hikers who are still unaccounted for after a big chunk of an Alpine glacier broke off yesterday and sent an avalanche of ice, snow and rocks down the slope. The death toll now stands at 7 9 or injured, the avalanche was unleashed from the marmalade glacier, dozens of hikers were on excursions in the dolomite mountains. Stick around, we'll check money news coming up for you, but first it's 1148. Traffic and weather on the 8s, we've got Mary de papa and the WTO traffic center. All right, thanks, Deb, and we've got a new crash in northwest just over the scanner western avenue Jennifer street watched response heading in both directions toward the district of problems who have been on three 95 getting inbound across the 14th street bridge toward the freeway. One of the only arteries that facilitates travel toward the district and basically around it, you can not get to the national mall, constitution, independence, and anywhere from rock creek Parkway all the way through Potomac park, these street closures, a lot of events in the district, memorial bridge remains closed, so a full list of closures, timings, and events can be found on WTO dot com. Yes, the third street tunnel does stay open as does New York avenue that could become bogged down as the day burns on. Right now, it's

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