Stephen Miller: Biden's Cognitive Mistakes Can Lead to Nuclear War


Cut ten. Here's more of what Stephen Miller said about the cognitive decline of Joe Biden and why it matters. I'm not sitting here just trying to take political pot shots at Democrats. That's not what we're saying. You have got to understand what the risk is here. Stephen Miller sure understands it. Of course, we can talk about Afghanistan, the greatest foreign policy humiliation in American history without even a close second, we can talk about the fact that this administration is now presiding over the first war in Europe since the Second World War, obviously you've had some conflicts, so I shouldn't say the first major war in Europe since the Second World War. There's obviously been some conflicts, but the first major war in Europe. And nothing like, for example, what happened in the Balkans or what happened in the Clinton administration, you're talking about something that could lead us to nuclear war. You're talking so that could lead us to World War II. So this could lead to nuclear war. Do you understand it?

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