Doug Sits Down With Former Congressman Jason Lewis of Minnesota


Us a little bit about your background and then what, you know, what staircase you fell down to say, I need to run for Congress, you know? Well, you do, I was in the airport the other day and somebody came up to me, and said, I know you, then you used to fill in for Russia and you were in Congress for a while and I said, yep, that's me and they said, whatever happened to you anyway. We all get those. Well, look, I grew up in a small business family. My mom was from north Minneapolis. My dad was from Iowa. We settled in the Hawkeye state, but Minnesota was the second home. So when I fell into talk radio after graduate school, I had an opportunity to go home to Minneapolis and St. Paul, I did. And that was in the early 90s and raised my two daughters here for 30 years. Loved it. Got into radio. It was fortunate enough to hit the timing was good, telling them for rush and had my own syndicated show for a while. But at some point, Doug, you know what it's like, you can be a commentator so long, but after a while, you got to put your money where your mouth is and you want to get on the field and play. Because the only way to really change things is to vote for them. So I thought, in most, by the way, most commentators won't talk most talk show hosts don't do that because they can demagogue your previous comments like Supreme Court Justices. And I knew that would happen with me and it did with CNN and all the rest. But I didn't really care. I just said, look, I want to do something. And I was fortunate to come into Congress with a new president when we really had an opportunity to do things and we did. But it was really just more of an angst about, look, you can talk all day long, but at some point, you know, suit up, get in the game. And so I did do that and served. I thought in one of the more consequential terms of Congress, and then I ran for the U.S. Senate alongside the president here in Minnesota, and two years ago and October, we were neck and neck with Tina Smith, who was the Democrat, I would say from Minnesota, but really she represents Planned Parenthood. Her former employer. But I felt that we were going to win Minnesota. I really felt the president went. And we did great. I collected more votes than any other statewide candidate in Minnesota history. We outperformed the top of the ticket by two points, but we had 1.9 million absentee ballots at 60% of the total Minnesota vote gained by mail.

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