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Outburst a nipper tonight FC Cincinnati has scored twice they've taken the lead my guide nick haggling the local product has delivered the go-ahead they lead to one in their match verses. The Columbus Crew Perspective in the ten matches coming out of the bubble they had scored two goals, two goals in their last ten matches leaving Orlando. They have scored two goals tonight. They had not scored in their last four matches going tonight and they have to tonight. All right. Let's hustle. Let's see what we can do here in Mount Airy Gregg Welcome to sports talk I last. I am so glad he took out my team I call chicken Tim Sunday man I'm. Out of you know watching empty backfield Richmond. Everybody. Is David Blitz on scene? No quick routes no. No strain. Draw playing. Bengals. On to draw. It just I just the more I watched it when I went back and watched it again I'm like, why am I doing this? It just causing me to be more frustrated. Why is he running these plays in these formations we've gotta get. Our caller by borough killed man. Yes. Scare was when they hired this kid would be Dave Shula two point. I do I opened my last year Kyrie lost the locker room. We got. Five Games. I've seen enough matter if we. Ruins Oh Berle Zach gotta go. I if you're to ride out the season at the very least I guess adjust ray tyler him whatever they tall the play. Got A bad three obvious to me. To coach a better game plan what he had done it was really and not to be mean but it it was shocking to me to to see what they you know what they rolled out but there want their inability to adjust and I kept thinking what the hell they do all week. It's not like the Ravens created a new game plan on the fly now. I know part of the magic of the Ravens is disguising their blitzes and you never know quite know when they're gonNA come but you know they're coming in there was no recognition and then no adjustment to any that it's like they showed up and said, oh we have to play the Ravens. Well, we don't know what to do in that that can't happen in the NFL Funny last was ever five hundred beginning. I don't know what they saw. Chain, attack didn't have any. You know. quarterbacks coast to a head coach. Luis. The only quarterback coach year to NFL so. Much. spanking. Funny, ruin it's More. Ruins over hey, greg I enjoyed it call again buddy. Bob. Have a great night. All right. We did it. We ran the table with this I think I'd have to go back and check I. think the last time really a caller presented topic around the bengals. Ran. The table for three hours is probably when Marvin left. I very much appreciate your input. Tonight I. It was it was a bit of a struggle early to Kinda separate. owner. Front office, draft free, and everything else from the coach. But I, think we got a solid conversation of in season the coaching, the XS and os the game planning the adjustments, the schemes what do you think? What's your confidence in? Zach Taylor. Good stuff tonight alright. Gary Jeff Walker has prepared three hours. He will deliver and serve up the nightcap immediately after the news that his next. Thanks for being a part of this tonight arnelle carrier sportstalk presented by Kelsey Chevrolet seven, hundred W W..

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