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Agree with the idea of saying the election was stolen U.S. attorney in Georgia BJ pack resigned amid efforts by Trump to pursue bogus fraud claims there Nothing irregular happened in the county The committee claims that Trump campaign also profited off the fake fraud claims to solicit donations There are two more hearing schedule for this week on Wednesday and Thursday A group of white supremacists has bonded out of jail in Idaho after the men got arrested near pride event this weekend CBS Katherine heritage has details The FBI is assisting local police in the investigation for now each of the 31 people arrested faces a misdemeanor charge for conspiracy to riot Law enforcement believes the participants are connected to a white nationalist hate group Gun control advocates say a bipartisan framework by senators falls short of their demands It doesn't raise the gun buying age limit or ban assault weapons Lottie Phillips lost his stepdaughter in the 2012 aurora Colorado movie theater shooting I want background check on all gun purchases not just guns purchased from a license farm dealer 40% of all the guns sold in America are guns purchased from gun shows And over the Internet But at least ten Republicans are backing this new framework and Democrats say it's progress Ohio governor Mike dewine has signed a new bill allowing teachers to carry guns Although this bill was in development well before the recent tragedy in Texas that heartbreaking school shooting certainly certainly increased the urgency to enact it Teachers would only need 8 hours of gun training the states also spending a $100 million to beef up security at schools Triple-A says gas prices now top 5 bucks nationwide A year ago this the prices were half this And experts Warren prices could keep climbing Google is settling a big gender discrimination lawsuit in a settlement that would end the 5 year old lawsuit tech giant Google will pay about a $118 million to be split among more than 15,000 women past and present employees of the last decade word of the settlement comes from attorneys representing some of those women who claim Google underpaid female workers place them in lower paid jobs and denied them promotions and transitions to other positions A judge still has to approve the agreement Dow down 648 points this hour this is CBS News Whether it's the news the traffic the weather or your COVID-19 vaccinations it's important to stay up to date Sponsored by Pfizer and BioNTech Two O three here on WTO Monday afternoon June 13th 2022 89 in Rosalind going up to the lower 90s today Good afternoon I'm Dmitri sodas And I'm Brendan hazelton the top story we're following for you this hour the January 6th committee today has presented evidence that the so called big lie about 2020 voter fraud started as soon as it became clear former president Trump was going to lose the election More now on this from WTO's Mitchell Miller on Capitol Hill What they were proposing but that was nuts Former White House adviser Eric kirschmann who says he couldn't believe the wild fraud allegations that were being made by attorneys including Rudy Giuliani that voting machines had somehow altered votes for former president Trump and flip them to Joe Biden Attorney general Bill Barr who also presented recorded testimony to the committee says after the election it was hard to keep track of all of the allegations It was like playing whack a mole because something would come out one day and then the next day it would be another issue Barr says he told the president no evidence of fraud was found but he kept pushing baseless claims which also raised hundreds of millions of dollars in fundraising On Capitol Hill Mitchell Miller WTO The suspect wanted in the shooting death of a Maryland eastern shore sheriff's deputy is in police custody this afternoon County deputy Glenn hillard was shot down in the town of pittsville east of Salisbury last night Hillard was trying to arrest the suspect who was wanted on felony charges in multiple jurisdictions after a manhunt 20 year old Austin Davidson was caught Here's what kamiko sheriff Mike Lewis He stepped out of a wooded area approximately a half a mile west of the actual scene and was quickly apprehended by members of the Maryland natural resource police in the Maryland state police No you're just 16 year veteran law enforcement officer leaves behind a wife and three children Governor Larry Hogan spoke in a news conference and is expressing his condolences to the Hilliard family Two O 5 if you drive a long Maryland route 90 to get to ocean city you know how crowded it can get The state now is putting more money into trying to ease traffic congestion there Governor Hogan announced today that $15 million is slated for improving a 12 mile stretch of route 90 from U.S. 50 to Maryland 28 The governor recently announced plans were moving forward to address traffic crossing the Chesapeake Bay Boeing and Virginia tech are teaming up for a new innovation campus in Northern Virginia part of the new lab will include special programs designed to help military veterans transition into new careers Virginia governor Glen youngkin says hundreds of thousands of active and retired veterans call the Commonwealth home and programs like this will help the state keep them there They make our communities better The fabric of values they're the heartbeat of our workforce The initial focus will be on Virginia tech president Tim sands Veterans transitioning and looking to upskill in technology fields And he says more than just coming to learn they'll be bringing their connections or their experience into the classroom Which youngkin says will turn the innovation campus into an innovation region not just for the mid Atlantic not just for America but for the world in crystal city John Doe and WTO news Happening at this hour President Biden will sign into law a bill to start the creation of a national museum of Asian Pacific American history and culture here in Washington Senate passed that measure unanimously last week It passed the House earlier Senate majority leader Chuck Schumer calls it a long overdue step which will help establish one of the greatest museums dedicated solely to.

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