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Grand juries threes of storms in the area. We're under a tornado watch the evening, seventy degrees. I'm Chris summer. Former Dallas police officer, amber, Geiger will stand trial for murder care LT. Phillips has more on the grand jury's decision. Over the shooting death of Bolton, Sean the grand jury up to charge. Former Dallas police officer amber Geiger was initially arrested for manslaughter district. Attorney faith Johnson saw differently. Securing an indictment for the murder of Bolton. John who was killed in his apartment in September. Murder cases intentionally in knowingly is the means rate intentionally and knowingly committing that act and teaming to do. It manslaughter is recklessly doing something Geiger never denied the shooting. Although she claimed it was a mistake. The defense says. It's not surprised by the indictment, but is confident Geiger will be acquitted once twelve fair and impartial people here all the evidence. LP Phillips News Radio. Ten eighty KRLD. Both of John's mother says they are satisfied with the murder indictment. But it's only the first stem Allison John says, Geiger inflicted, tremendous evil on her son from the very start a new that she moved at him, and it was not satisfied had a manslaughter charge. She says the family will not be satisfied with anything less than a murder conviction. Geiger's attorney Robert Rogers says his client never should have been charged. And he says this was nothing more at a tragic mistake, amber. Dedicated her goal live to defending and protecting people. So this whole incident. This whole event has taken a toll emotionally physically.

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