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Done one thing or another learn the lessons of life not music and it's just gotten better and better with some huge dips and then getting better again in many ways. This is the best time of my life. You mentioned the dibs. That's life right and we we. This linear process in. Life's not linear at all. And you think you're filling in substance and then you go off that that and that can be fourteen years fifty and then you find and you're still doing stuff you know it's very life is really complicated and my favorite movies are the ones that show all the a dichotomy in the not just hypocrisy but you know how you could be that and you could also be all this one hundred percent. Yeah it one of the things you bring up that that i love is and i think this conversation. This is going to be about life. This is going to be about music. I i have no musical background. No musical talent. That's that's my wife But i i read your book effortless mastery and it. It's centered around music but for me it was like this is one hundred percent applicable to life and i. I grew up playing sports in something that you mentioned a minute ago. Is your ability to articulate your town still down that that. That's one of the things i saw. You might have the most talented people in the entire world. They have no idea how they do it on. That's one of the things i appreciate. So much about. You is the creative elements that make up some of these things. I'm wondering for you. Is that just a talent. You always had that you were able to still in articulate this or was this for you. It was a talented. I always had. I never worked very hard for anything until i learned to work for things later way later. You know healing period the mid thirties on. I learned how to intentionally work on something but all the quote unquote wisdom. That came to me. It just seemed like it was just arrive in fact the is the end of a process not the beginning of process. I started teaching things. Were coming out of my mouth. Those things were blowing people away. And i knew that part of me wanted that to happen but the wisdom would just come. When i wrote the book i actually went back to. I mean it's not like i never read a few books. That were very important to me because they agreed with what. I already organically new not. I didn't like them because they agreed with me. I like them because they were ancient. Which meant what knew was drawing on a wisdom that has always been existed. It wasn't me just making something up. I found out after the fact You know scholarship. It was never scholarship. But i came after the fact of something i knew like you know what color the wall is. So it was kind of natural An avatar kind of relationship to it And it's just what's enhanced it more than anything is passing along to people through teaching and Over and over again it just kinda drives a deeper into your consciousness and finally i've noticed the integration into other areas of my life. It doesn't disappear because it's not music anymore. it's life and i had a longtime like that. I the knowledge for music was so easy to grab onto and even the psychology and everything but it wouldn't necessarily translate in terms of whole watch controlling emotions or not getting caught up in the future or not obsessing or anxiety or depression and that's been a long road. I wasn't particularly talented..

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