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This woman who has been raped needs to marry a rapist but in that context and actually made a lot more sense because once a woman has been well a woman that has been defiled. If you will it would be very hard for her to marry and most women in this situation would not marry and would probably either become destitute or a prostitute and so this law is actually designed to provide for her because a woman who has been raped and then marries a rapist. He can't divorce her so she would have lifetime financial security away. That friends that haven't gone through a similar tragic experience would not have and then the story i like to talk about. Is the story of amnon. These two david's children and non mar. It's found in two samuel thirteen where tae mar was. David's daughter was very attractive and her half brother. Amnon was very attracted to her ended up trying to seduce her. She said no. He ends up having sex with her raping her tragedy. Really just horrible. But then after this act. He is repulsed by her and tries to kick her out now. This is shocking thing me. She says don't do this. Basically let me stay. And with the implication that they would married and then she says it would be more evil to kick me out then the evil that you've already done so in her. Is the deuteronomy twenty. Two rape law made a lot of sense because it gave her provisions and as it turned out he didn't keep her as his wife and then taymor number. Mary's now she just happened to be the daughter of a of a king so she was provided for but as we look at the context of the ancient context of the biblical context. Some of these laws. It just don't make any sense to us at all are seeing. My god is sexist. Are actually ways. That god is kind of looking out and trying to protect women. The thing i tell people. I chapter the bible tells us that women are made in the image of god and i cannot think of something more positive to say about women that they are created an image of god. And then just look at how jesus treats women gospels. It's amazing a lot of places. Look at these stories where the disciples are kinda confused. And then there's the sire venetian woman or on the women that annoyances feet or the women at the graves. There is a lot of times these women they kind of know what's going on the matter. Confused we gotta keep reading all the bible and you know there's more that could be said but i think as we read the bible and look at the context we see god is amazingly affirming of not just men women as well. Yeah how do you from kind of a broad stroke how you just described and paint. The picture of jesus is really like we understand that we get that we see it so clearly. If you're having a short conversation maybe you were with a college student..

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