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Simmie your kids out to play in traffic you know if you center kids out to play in traffic there probably going to come home but what i probably i mean kids have a a survival instinct drivers have a survival instinct the question is not whether or not they would come alive are not the question is why why would you take the risk that's the question and i think the big question for here as well one eight six six five oh jimbo one eight six six five oh five four six two six we go to dallas where richard it's up to vital richard yeah you know when okay so my personal the one edges are you know i personally don't want to be ready to manage someone up and earned a certain gender or anything like that not all the hoard down looking at me that you know be watching this they're not hurt i'm i'm comfortable so arsenal do that you know you know i've got one here friends that are good and different you know in everything i don't have a problem with it but i don't want to be you know naked around amor anything like that on top of that i think you know maybe it should be something like okay you get there such a big and a big discussion about why not just make it individual as threw for only one person go and it's not period you know of course you would be talking about a massive public works project that's for sure when you look at the millions of public restrooms of this country i mean you would have a lot of it sure would pay for that but you sort it would saw the of the ball over the problem with everybody learned how to be a plumber all of a sudden they can make stalls then why not just make him actual solid little room you know what i mean they get your talk a you multiply it did it is a a fair about of work for one restroom requiring a certain amount of skill a serve about of material again you multiply that by a few million public restrooms that you're talking about a project that would would rival the construction of the interstate highway system well with it might be a bad idea but it would be a small potatoes project reimer one.

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