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Back Mike Dorsey Scott Michaels with us start with Halloween right around the corner do you do anything special for that we have a couple of events at the shop act I wrote a book about the Rocky Horror Picture Show which will be doing a present presentation about that and we have a couple of other things going on with a horror movie locations tour that we also offer during this during the month of October to what we take people out to where the famous Halloween in that Merrill Streep bills are made so that's always pretty popular too spooky movie for you Mike what is. well man I'm not a huge war fan but I would say probably my number one to be the sixth sense. I'd like to love that twist yes that's very strange I like psychological thriller or as opposed to you know slash I was a little kid who said I see dead people yeah right Bruce Willis so good classic combat you Scott favorite horror movie you know I'm I'm an old I'm an old fashioned person I I well old fashioned seventies was I love Rosemary's baby I think it's my favorite. yeah that's great super one of the best let's take some calls here for you let's start by going to the cold in Arkansas to get us started hi Nicole. yeah good to have you with us for like a year to get through perfect timing. I'm my question is I'm a I'm a big bad all right now at your real killers and murders are because of family mine was murdered and I. why note shows Charles Manson documentary. all right Mike let's let you take that why'd you do a documentary on Manson's family honestly could we week we look around and you know that that story takes place right you know we're kind of the epicenter where that all happened you know they'll coyote restaurant the Mexican food restaurant where where Sharon Tate and her friends had their last meal the night the diet is right down the street from where I live so it was just around it's got the big expert on the case already so it just was a natural thing for us to make a film about are you too true crime buffs. totally yeah yeah yeah that definitely I'm more of a you know that the serial crimes of that sort of mind thing the big time ones but but yeah yeah definitely what did you think of Ted Bundy Scott. you know a fascinating man and conniving man in a charming man much like much like Manson really but much more much more sneaky. yeah he was he'd wear a cast with his standing outside is yellow Volkswagen would drop his books indeed have some college or coed pick them up and try to help him and he'd get them into his car and hit him on the head with a branch horrifying Korea ended the Ted Bundy tapes box theories on Netflix is really really good yes it really is he really is and you look at that Chianti in you just wonder what possessed him to be so insane to do that right and the way escaped and all that stuff. yeah that would be crazy that was that the top of the window there yeah yeah it's almost like Manson you can believe it that I'll actually happened but it did right now it was like the keystone cops. it's on the way here's a serial killer jumps on a window of a police officer station and they catch amma ventrally but just unbelievable when you don't want me interjecting though just about the Manson thing we weren't celebrating Manson we're not trying to you know glamorize man right it just it it is just part of the history of Los Angeles and and LA well we're obsessed with ourselves here. with that. Joe in Long Island New York east of the Rockies Hey Joe go ahead yeah hi guys two quick questions one would be anything happen on flat someone was not showing three men and a baby is someone might of the modern on sat I know that chariot race in the band harms suppose with someone will was actually trampled or even a couple of people on the left and on the phone I'm wondering if there's something that actually happened while filming that sent to us from and also do you believe that some of these people but stuff then that had an endowment of truth that which we thought was really just function example might be eyes wide shut I think that was and about how we would per se but it was about maybe the weeds and the hippie Kubrick actually met people like that. world as far as like of the three men and a baby thing certain things show up in films that hard to explain now with the internet it's really easy to explain it because we before we stood to watch a movie like the wizard of oz we'd have to wait a year to see it now you just pop it on YouTube or whatever and and there was a story about the munchkin who supposedly hang himself in the background of one of the scenes and now that everyone has this copy on DVD or in HD you can see this is the bird walking in the distance but people still want to remember that munchkin hanging back there that they left it in the movie now I know the the gentleman is referring to the there's a a child in a window like hidden in the hitting hidden in the curtains in one of the scenes of three men and a baby and I I've not sure was a cardboard cut out anything is how would you explain the window or something like that yeah yeah the card what kind of a figure I think maybe Ted Danson or one of the one of the actors Jack and which one it was that one with the bug but certainly people have died on film sets Scott are you familiar with the Allman house O. M. A. N. Hey David yeah I do know Dave. both of ours yeah did you tell us a little bit about that story. okay David as a house that's four doors down from where the Tate murders occurred on cielo drive up in Benedict canyon and David's house is only about twenty something years old and David's house is. crazy haunted I've I've been in it several times and I've seen things that are just probably the most the most absolutely paranormal the you know things seem much more obviously things flying sort of events that happen is now so he's definitely got a a crazy haunted house there in the building the with his father Dini that's correct yes back in nineteen ninety nine so it's not that old house isn't that old which is again if you know it's a whole residue that whole canyon here he is you're literally right across from Valentino's place and and just a couple of doors down from from the Sharon Tate place and yeah there's just there's just been having favorites houses yeah it's on every every go show that's ever been up there is come up with with something and most of the people sure they won't go back again he's in the wrong place at the wrong time or or the right place at the right time depending on how you look at it yeah absolutely next up let's go to Walter in Allentown Pennsylvania Hey waltz go ahead. by George I told Tom I hate to call you a mortar once a week but I couldn't I just could not myself tonight it's a great subject yeah it is a very interesting conversation why yeah your guests I have already mentioned the late great George Reeves Superman ME was everybody Shiro as you know Georgie was your hero and my hero during the fifties. he supposedly took his life after being fresh he was tied cats the Superman suppose we couldn't get any other parts now George I either read or heard that he took his own life. with semi comic movie I kinda German luger pistol now I was told Tom this probably no other classification of firearms that has appreciated as much as Wilbur's. your guess said he has a. yeah when the artifacts and all I got to say is that the if the LAPD which still has that will grow in their possession it would it would be a priceless artifacts it might be billed as the kryptonite will gore and in my opinion it would bring in excess of a million dollars an option. well when we do have I'm not sure what the value of firearms like that but I I completely trust what you're saying and the idea that it has that piece of Hollywood history attached to it is not going to hurt the value of it not at all how do you obtain these items god do you have to buy them and are they donated what how do you cut you get them well a lot of these things are just got myself like you know pieces of the hotel the ambassador hotel in the brain Jones pool with a tape fireplace these are things that I've I've got myself I've acquired them in person now that we have a museum people do send me things a lot a lot of people have one thing you know that they have the you know well what am I going to do with this I carried around every time I move so they send them to me somebody sent me very recently a piece of some stones from Amish beds and then some people sent me something from the Alcatraz dining hall you know it's within the Queen Mary Ann and all sorts of things just sort of end up in my shop and and and I love that we have received the if they have that they took the country an inside everything isn't fastened down will end up here in LA and every weird object will end up in my museum do you think George weaves committed suicide. you know that that is one thing that I I I I personally do not I do believe that there was something more going on it with his death got into a fight or something well you wish he was seeing Tony Mannix who is the wife of Eddie Mannix who was a one of that big weeks at MGM they kept things under control if something were to happen with the celebrity that he would be the guy to call in to Sir if you look on the down low and George's career was going well he he he was he was not on happy like they say he had an unusual girl girlfriend at the time Leonore lemon the thing that spells this thing out so strange George is it either Lina or lemon was entertaining George was asleep upstairs he came down angry because she had these people and and and told just to calm down and by the time the conversation ended he was happy the civil just just you know keep it low please anyway back up and then she said they were friends now he's walking across the living across the bedroom indicators footsteps which is now he's going to open up the dresser drawer and then she says now he's going to get the gun out and then you hear the gun that really happened that's in the book that's that's weird but he did get into an argument with his girlfriend at a restaurant that night right that that I'm not familiar with that that is a story I don't know June and then it came back as a house full of people there too yeah it was they were three yeah yeah and I don't know it just doesn't it just doesn't sound right it isn't and it usually yeah it doesn't sound right. and to the caller's other question about what the LAPD had there's a really great they have a lot of interesting artifacts they hold on to other stuff they'll destroy it they can't link it to a crime but evidently to a crime they there's you know warehouse warehouses evidence they have some of the stuff from the Tate la Bianca murders there and Scott is seen I think some of the stuff but not be a problem display before and crazy thing love people don't know about is they have the door of BBC no Biggie Smalls suburban and he'd ever see a bullet riddled he was killed in because they found out that that suburban he was riding in was a rental car and after to been processed by the crime scene techs it was returned to the company and then daily PD found out that someone was a body shop had the door and they were going to try to sell it and the LAPD when confiscated the door and put it into their storage so if you know where to look and Ellie please archive you can go see you know big is full of little door on display somewhere. you know on a shelf in a corner or something are both of those murders a two parks in Biggie's unsolved still officially there unsolved yes but my document you pointed out that about a decade ago at an LAPD task force on got no credible confessions to both murders but for various reasons they're not they're not solvable primarily because both shooters in those murders of absent died themselves with those shooters hired by somebody. in both cases sort of the one that I believe that the punctuated with a guy named Orlando Anderson he got into a fight with the exactly two hours before he was fatally shot Orlando Anderson was the enforcer at gaining I I you know gang member and and he was not someone you should walk up and points the way to two Buck did on there's a little more to the story there but he was he he was killed himself over a bad drug deal about eighteen months later in Compton and then Biggie's killer was allegedly hired by many say you know should night or that even the desired by somebody to get basically revenge. sure is that guy and that guy was killed back in I think two thousand three I think that he was murdered in a drive by insured nights in jail on himself for driving over one of his friends right and a filming right right. strange times you got like twenty some years I think for that let's go to Lynnwood Washington west of the Rockies set low Diana go ahead hi great and program tonight and in China thank you dear and I used to live in Hollywood..

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