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That they're great out to be a lot of them are flats. The two I oh yeah part of the reason for me wanting to go to more southern New Mexico was I didn't I was leaving snow noticed. Yeah I mean I didn't want. I was leaving the freezing conditions I wanted I wanted to go and travel. I didn't WanNa you know struggle with freeze and sets but and there are times that you still do I mean in it. The weather can change an incident out there. I've dealt with snow freezing rain inches of rain out there which makes roads. It's pretty much impossible. It's Gumbo there can be. It's all depends on where you're at but down there whether can yeah I mean one time I trapped in the Sacramento's we never even left the camp for two days yeah just the rancher said I said when when it rains here you you can't go yeah did that. You just sit there dries out fast when to win. The two days is because it rained leaned again the second year which you know it's like oh good. It's starting to dry up but that when he that one rancher told me that he said you can't go and I'm thinking to myself enough. I'm going to go. I tried to go and retired suspend you put chains on change just the other layer they've among the way that they grade a lot of those roads out there. all the roads are down in you know they just keep running the blade over the top of them so a lot of those roads they're down in so when the water gets in them they can't does do soaks up and I remember trying to go like I was going to. I had to do something we we laid around there for a couple of hours and I said I multiple go check a few trapped and there was this just a little bit of a hill and Gumbo and the way those banks are might truck was just like a pinball from one side the other other trying to climb up the hill yeah bounced off the banks both sides all the way back down to the bottom of the hill then we couldn't get turned around I did I slept in the truck an I angle like that in the past across the Missouri River and trying to climb back up to get out of there and there's still too much rain and it did the same exact thing you're describing just stop there. I sit there and just kinda slow. You're on the track and this is about noontime the next day when we could finally climb up the that year in Sacramento it was me and my buddy fred that year we were trying to pull traps You're going to stay there for three weeks. there was rain and then snow in the forecast. We ended up that happened on day. Fourteen day day seventeen we were finally able to get out and start pulling droughts. We wanted to stay there for twenty one checks whether in the forecast we were just going to lay around so we were trying to get everything pulled on that seventeenth day and there was this pretty steep hill in this corner and it was right in the sun though Fred said boy the only way to know is try but it was like a thirty foot drop can be scary the only way to nose to try it and pretty and I've always been this way if I'm not busy like I'm ready to go home. It doesn't matter where I'm like if I'm not trapping every day I don't WanNa just hang out in a camper. You won't be doing something yeah so I'm GonNa try. We almost else made it to the top of it and the whole front of that truck slid over we had Algeria limbs pignon limbs everything coming through the windows of the truck because they just started to go and there was nothing that I could do. I slammed the truck in reverse and I just matt it it to the floor. Yeah that's what you gotTa do and I still don't know how because we couldn't see anything. We're just ray over the edge and all the brush juniper's. There's everything and somehow the truck came back out up on top of the road. I don't know like I really don't know what happened happens. All of a sudden we can see again. We're at the base of the hill still still facing up the hill yeah but I I don't know you sit there for a while. Uh well then then I ended up walking like half a mile to go get a couple of cats since I've seen guys do that. They're coming coming down a hill and he said if you if you start sliding can you just got it. Yeah you have to the only way to get out of it if you if you hit the brakes and you just oh yeah you don't WanNa hit the brake in stuff. It's for like people in the east. You know I've been in a lot of clay stuff in New York. There's nothing like it. There's honestly nothing like it's a it's crazy to think that you literally don't go anywhere so when you take Neil out there I think that was my third treptow. Neil been after me to go and trying to think we should probably pug that book to my lifestyle is my pay two thousand nineteen yeah I think he sold out now. He is sold out the but yeah it's one hundred eighty pages of Neal's trapping experiences and JP chapter in there that's what a history there yeah. It should be a pretty good read but neil after me to go for quite a while Lyle and my was actually on the second year out there on our way back. my wife got accepted in nursing using school we found out on the way back and that is why she couldn't go the third year and she was pretty wild about it but I remember I called up Neal and all that I said it's time Neil. He said I'll be ready hilarious because he knew exactly exactly what I meant. He always answers the phone the same way. JP Wilson and I said it's time that was that was that I'll be ready but you you sleep in the truck. He I've heard bits and pieces of that no we the year Neil we slept in cinder block building with no installation like one of the coldest years on record ever that part of New Mexico we got out there and the whole the whole ride out and talent. Neil you know it's this was there. Was this one you decide to go up in the higher elevations and get after cats. No this was San hose okay and that was that was a big thing for Neil to is that neal. You'll never caught one hundred coyotes single season. I think he was like ninety six or something like that but we never caught one hundred single season and I said well hopefully we can do that again but so i. I'm telling him the whole way out. It's like playing in the sandbox. You know your bed and just kick your he'll need to take your hand. You just mashed. There's again and again Dan you just you know mashed. Bowie had thirty hours of driving or more to talk silver. We're going on you know about how nice the conditions are in the ground never freezes and to we hit we hit Fort Worth.

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