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Dave Considine, Mark Hammond, Clarence Ivory discussed on 24 Hour News


It's just it's too dark. It's too dangerous for the guys to get too close. But there is some significant three home significant damage out there. So it's either vicious straight line wins or very weak tornado. That's Monroe county emergency management director, Mark Hammond. Erie was in the area of Tobin road in south stoney creek in that general area. There's a lot of that seems to be the epicenter of most of the damage then the move northeast from their Berlin township and south Rockwood those. Homes are considered to be uninhabitable. At this time Hammond size that much of the county remains without power. Meanwhile, WWE as Russ McNamara breaks things down with the national weather service. Just like the weather service had advised us earlier in the day. The set up was there for a couple of tornadoes thunderstorms, so meteorologist Dave Considine? Did the atmosphere deliver a twister? Yes. Based based on what the radars clearly showed circulations or or little areas of strong rotation and combined with the damage report. That's pretty indicative that they were caused by tornadoes Considine says it won't be until the surveys in Gibraltar and Berlin and Frenchtown townships are done later today. Will they be able to fully assess the strength of these storms rest McNamara WW j he's really nine fifty officials who locked out road workers in the labor dispute say that some stalled construction projects could be up and running by the end of the week with non union replacements. Newsradio nine fifty center McNeil reports talks held in the governor's office with. Both sides in the road workers dispute produced no results. Now, Mike Nystroem with might which represents the contractor says they're looking all over even out of state or replacements their head hunters who specialize and labor disputes from across the nation who helped to find temporary placements in the situation. It would be rating engineers to run the equipment to try to make progress on these projects Nystroem won't say which of the one hundred fifty stalled projects will take priority. Dan, mckernan with the operating engineers says the union has been claiming all along that might is trying to take their union jobs. The proof is in in their actions at the end, Sandra McNeill, WW Jane is radio nine fifteen. So what do motorists think about the decision? Newsradio nine fifty Stephanie Davis with that part of the story. Those I talked to say they're on board with the decision to bring in non union workers to get those construction projects back on track. Clarence ivory is a mechanic at an auto shop on. Eight mile in Detroit. He says the move is a good one great. You know, nonunion. I mean, they.

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