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Erected in honor of the Buddha. and. Then the legend goes at one hundred years later when the Great King Shoka. Who was a? Follower of the Boue. Took over the kingdoms of India. That he opened up these stupid and read somehow redistributed magically. The shore era. And use the relics to erect eighty four thousand. Stupas. All over India. So that everywhere you look there would be a place to worship the Buddha. So these stupid are wonderful. Precious. Miraculously. But not like this. This. Is Never before seen or heard. This Stupa for one thing is far more elaborate and beautiful and decorated than any of the other students and also none of them. They're all built. Those other stupid people saw look they build them the head carpenters here the stupid comes out of the ground. And apparently doesn't leave a big hole either just comes out of the ground. Plus. It is five hundred. John. is in height and two, hundred, fifty Johnny's in width and depth. Jonah is a measurement of distance. Usually said to be eight miles. So. This is a four thousand mile. Tall Stupa four thousand miles high. And two thousand miles wide and deep? This is an amazing. Architectural. Feat. So you can imagine. Sitting there and seeing this thing. Slowly, but surely rising out of the earth. You would be totally flabbergasted. As was everyone there. At the time. As if that weren't enough. Out of the Stupa. Comes a great booming voice. Equal right to the magnitude of the Stupa. Speaking. And it says this voice and I'm reading here in Watson on page one, hundred and seventy one this voice says excellent excellent shock your Mooney world honored one that you can take the great wisdom of. Equality. A law to instruct the body sought fas guarded and kept in mind by the Buddha's the Lotus Sutra of the wonderful law in preach it for the sake of the greatest semblance it is as you say, shock you money just as you say world honored one, all that you have expounded is the truth. So this giant voices affirming all that we're now hearing. WHOA. So now we really if we had any doubts at all. That this Lotus Sutra teaching was significant. Now we know it's significant. Totally true. What the voice says maybe gives us the first actual clue. As to the content. Of the Lotus Sutra. Heard any content yet right really. We've heard all parables justifying and. Thought to we haven't really heard any content. This gives us a little clue. It says. This voice. That the Sutra is about what's called a great wisdom of equality. Great Wisdom of equality, which is a very specific. Teaching it's from the Yoga. Tradition. That tradition. Maps Reality to eight consciousnesses. And The eight consciousnesses of the Yoga Char tradition are transformed by awakening. into the five wisdoms. So this is what awakening is the eight consciousness. Flipped around transformed. into the five wisdoms. So. I think. quickly. I can just give you a little background just to make it Comprehensible So. According to Guitar, thought. Everything is consciousness. There's only consciousness. So what we call mine as well as what we call matter. Is All consciousness. It's not mind and matter. There's only. Consciousness. And consciousness is analyzed for the sake of helping us to understand into eight types. Of Consciousness six. Since consciousness. Is. Six types of consciousness is ears, nose, tongue body, and mind. The seventh consciousness is self. Consciousness. Consciousness of you know. Being a coherent person which we all experience. And the eighth consciousness is called ally Jonah or storehouse consciousness a kind of beyond self or. Uber. Consciousness in which the entire cosmos. Mind and matter is contained. In these eight. consciousnesses are characterized. All of them. By impermanent and suffering. Until They're revolutionized by awakening. And that's when. They become. The five wisdoms. So, what are the five was? The first one is called wisdom of such nece. Bear. Sometimes, it's referred to as bear. Non Conceptual awareness there's lots of different ways they talk about it. But basically it's sort of like reality itself the basis for all the other wisdom's. Purified reality. Including everything. The second wisdom is called the Great Mirror Wisdom. And it is a transformation of the eighth. Consciousness, the ally vision non when transformed by waking becomes the Great Mirror Wisdom. In which Everything is perfectly reflected just as it is without any distortion. Exactly. Like a mirror which will show whatever is there good or bad shows it perfectly in the mirror. And, the third wisdom is the one mentioned. By, this great voice in the Stupa. As the teaching of the Lotus Sutra, the wisdom of equality. And we've been talking about this right equality universality as being. What the Lotus Sutra seems to be. Teaching us. And this is the transformation of the seventh. Consciousness self. Consciousness when transformed by awakening becomes. The Great. Wisdom equality or universality. Now. It's really to me very beautiful. That the Yoga Chart Teaching its system of explaining Dharma. All teachings are say the same thing but there's different. Traditions of explanation in the Yoga Chara. Is the only Buddhist teaching. That is willing to admit. That there is self consciousness..

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