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Her last album contains a bunch of songs that to me are responding to this particular moment of celebrity in being billy eyelash like it's about two thousand twenty one. I'm confronted with that. I've achieved so much. What where can i go from here. Is there any place to go. And i have to say even though. I love a lot of the music on that album. Namely the song oxytocin. The lyrical content felt like a letter to fans. You read one time. It made me want to revisit it less than the future so i almost wonder if when artists start responding more directly to situations like this if they're limiting the potential the replay value of their music. They need rodney jerkins. because when that she's overprotected that's still years later. But like even like like remember when dixie chicks did taking the long way and they're just here's a song about having said something shitty about george w bush now listening to it now. It's like man. I can hear the nokia phone i had at the time. It's wild that we're what we're talking about right now is a fairly innocuous song right and then it creates this like truly range depressing response. Online people calling there. Was that horrible horrible tweet. That called liz. A mammy which is a first of all. If you haven't seen freaking douglas sirk do not step into the room. Okay don't understand. And i like just don't but also the thing that i i think sometimes gets lost when we discuss the responsi- lizardo and genders and people people in general right but also a lot of black women I've seen a lot of the fat phobia coming from like these interracial like same gender spaces. And i feel like that's what's like tougher tease out. You know which is that women are looking at her and drawing these conclusions and making all these projections. And i almost i care much more about that weird like internalized hatred and misogyny than i do like whatever like you know. Blow hardewyk geissinger online. I feel like you know this has been a constant thing that lizards unfortunately had to deal with it. Because i feel like you know would she'd i come out She was constantly dealing with the fact that people said that her music was for white people. Right you know. And i think that that also comes from you know like our own community people wanting to like dislike her because they feel like this music is it for us and that's why she wants to be like black people rock and roll like i'm making music black woman making music but i don't know you know it's it's hard. It's hard seeing that stuff lobbied at her Especially when you think that like people get all the time you know. I mean whitney got that. When she first came out you would think being cosigned by prince would be enough but you know lazaro has the struggles. They're sorta something about both of these within being on a song for me too because this happens the cardi all the time to anytime she does anything. People are constantly attacking her not in the same ways. but i remember like literally when wild side came out like Cardi was apologizing to people for ruining normandy song. People saying why you put cardi on this song attacking her having normany releasing tearful messages about how happy she was to have cardi on the song and then weeks later. You have cardiac having to do that. Same thing liz lizardo. It's unfortunate that liz. Oh just still like internalize all this every time it. She releases a project or does anything. But i would also say that. It's also unfortunate that the intensity of her responses which i love art matching the music for me. I think something. That's nice those. We are getting pop culture pregnancy glamorization moment which we have shockingly few of like. I'm still thinking of the demi moore magazine cover. That's still the definitive version. You know we had beyond says. Reveal like amy poehler on. Snl what went on. Yeah but it's like under ten still. I guess it's a minor revolution every time. This occurs still. Yeah cardi's pregnant was success and with a child you right because it's easier to you know be cynical about certain things in pop culture but i have to say it's like nuts that every time a pop girl drops a song cardi b. is on it like we have something like it's just never really happened. I would say with this consistency in pop music per se if we want to talk about hip hop rb. That's different right. There was a moment. You know what kim was on every track and all that. But i think that it's like lear. Entering this era where like when it comes to the male rapper. He is becoming obsolescent. You have a summer. that's being defined by. Who was the biggest male rapper. At the time it was baby right and then he like literally as architect of is on downfall. But at the same time. It's being countered by cardi b. Being like the representative the ambassador for a lost art in my mind which was like the rap pop duo and so. I think we need to acknowledge that this is really amazing that women especially rappers not just her. There's rico you know cash ball. There's so many women who i think in my mind if i was fifteen years old if i thought about what rap is i would associated with women sees I wouldn't associated with men. And i think he dropped her album this week. Even it's getting of pop rap features the end of snoop dogg culture which member for the longest time. It just like here. We go the mumbled sixteen bars about the members of pussycat dolls. Whoever's around right it was always like snoop or like a. nellie or like a ludicrous. You throwing something but now. I've really enjoyed that. Women are co-signing each other. They are the people that i'm constantly listening to. Because you know what. I was growing up there. Were the people who i gravitate it to. So i gravitated towards kim and foxy and train. It you know. I was like that's what i want to hear at. It feels so great like going out now. Hearing hip hop all the time you know like even like a gay bar setting because it's pop music because it's women i understand. This is incredibly subjective. Am i wrong. Or like the four most prominent female rappers also the funniest rappers cardi meghan missy little camp to me when i think of wraps that also make me like gag laughing with what they go go to. I'm laughing every time while you leave off mickey o. N. nikki i let the fifth one. Yes so bringing the different conversation. No we but yeah. I also want to like some of the new girls to are hilarious. Like does your cat who is not even just a rapper. Like she truly is. I mean she's like the. Liza minelli is hilarious to me. Digs up when i step in the party. Yes as the elliott had the funny lyrics..

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