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Nick roman news is you're heading home today's may day rally drew thousands of people to downtown los angeles they called for immigrant and workers rights may protested the trump administration policies trump supporters were there so was cape e c sees leslie bernstein row haass gone over one art of one was one of several thousand who turned out downtown for the made that he stood along the march route with homemade banner he made back in two thousand five the first may day he attended this year devan said he join others opposed the trump administration stringent immigration policies martha dos uh we are here to support all these personal son show did not happy with at the march was smaller than for previous may days a march in two thousand six ju hundreds of thousands of people police but not give an exact crowd count this time it said it was in the thousands the event also true some trump supporters omar navarro was with which warning president trump what he's doing here to show me existing athena california there was some taunting between the two sides the police kept apart the event for the most part remained peaceful covering immigration i'm leslie bear stein roe haass new numbers from cal fire it says the opera fire in riverside county is now ninety percent contained nearly fourteen hundred acres of brushes burn so far the good news is that fire is not growing the opera fire broke out yesterday just east of the two fifteen just north of you see riverside one hundred fifty firefighters are working the fire lines how by three helicopters in to air tankers.

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