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Tell her story and how one woman one leader of hers. One boss of hers taught her how to do the very thing she now. All coaches, others to do And if you don't care personally good luck with everything else, And it's so true relationship stone scale, but culture does and how that boss treats other people on how they care. Well, that makes all the difference in the world and it's never easy being a boss I am on and for anyone who is well, it's like being a mother or father. Anyone who thinks that's a duck walk hasn't done it. It's all I can say and everybody's nodding Who's at either of those titles, mother, father or boss? That's no duck walk when we come back more with Kim Scott here on our American stories. Hi. We're the producers were the producers of our American stories on our American network. And we would like to hear your story if you or someone you know, has an interesting story that you would like to share with America. Simply email us a pitcher and a paragraph picture and a paragraph to your story at our American network dot org's just a picture in apparent Yep, That's all you need. Is you or someone you know. Serve in the military. Tell us about the picture in a paragraph to your story at our American network dot or you or someone You know that something dramatic happened. We want to know about the picture of yourself in a paragraph describing something that happened in your life you would like to share with America and the rest of the world as someone ever done something for you. That changed your life. Share it with us. Share it with us here with us. We're just having a bad day. We're here about we want to hear about share your story with us on our American stories..

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